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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barbie for Laith!!!

i don't have a daughter & probably will never have one...:(
thus i'd probably never get to experience the joy of doing or buying something pink for or do some girly stuff with my own lil missy ever...oh well whaddaya know ...

when my hubby & i agreed to let Laith celebrate his birthday with his classmates at school, we decided to bake some cuppies for everyone instead of the boring ol' cake like we always do for birthdays...it's less hassle cos no paper plates & plastic forks needed for cuppies & it's definitely more fun with cuppies since everyone gets to get their own whole lil cake all to themselves!

i suggested to use Ben 10 (for boys) & his sidekick girl cousin Gwen (for girls) motives on the lolly sticks which i was gonna make (out of printouts) as decorations on the cuppies. However, since Transformers' are now back to rule the world, not a chance...
made these for him during the Saturday BBQ/ July babies Birthday Bash

but he said" how about Barbie for the girls, Umy?"
..i was like, Oh Wow! seriously....!? i did not for a second thought he was being gender bias but merely sensitive with what girls in general like...

finally, after 9 years i get to use this image even though i don't have a daughter...Woohoo!! thank u Baby...

each cuppies was personalized with individual initials...

after the lolly sticks effect

the results..a very Happy Boy!

the DIY girl-boy goody bags

& i also managed to write the chinese characters that says" Sen Re Quai Le" = Happy Birthday on too!!

so there laith & his transformers/ Barbie quest!


  1. heyy... not bad at all!! must had been real hard work eh, doing all those cuppies, dengan gambar2 tu lagi.. but the smile on your boy's face says it all~~ priceless!
    and i think the chinese characters were kinda cool :)

  2. yeap..hard work indeed!!
    i had to make a double for each sticks of lollies so that i could sandwiched the sticks in between the 2 printouts...sakit tangan nak potong those printouts..but yeah as u said the look on Laith's face is priceless!!

    hahha..the chinese characters tu sebab he goes to Chinese school so it makes a nice gesturelah...:D



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