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Monday, July 6, 2009

Reunion(s) weekend

last weekend is what i call my reunion weekend. why? b'cos i had 2 reunions on the same weekend, how cool can that be...
the first reunion was on Saturday 4th of July. it was my old friend from school~ Theha's nephew's wedding.

the lovely couple~Iskandar & Mysarah

She was like another sister to me ( we know each others family & where there was me, there was Theha & vice versa-we were like each others sidekick then) during our school days right up to college days even though we did not go to the same college we kept in touch..
with her family~sisters & niece
her niece Shasha (the one in yellow)was only about 8 the last time i met her...now she's a Mommy!!!
her nephew Aqil & niece Roxalini
they were only 3 or 4 yo when i last saw them!

until i went to further my study in London & she went to a teacher's training college in Johore Bahru.

hmmm...i thought i was bad @keeping in touch but she's much worse!
when i came back from London i contacted her, we got back together but soon she disappeared all over again due to her teaching commitment & posting... managed to track her down, invited her for my wedding & she disappeared yet again! & the last time i met her was after Laith was born & that was it....
we were only connected thru phone text messages perhaps twice a year particularly on our birthdays....
earlier this year thru FB i had a friend request from her niece K.Nur aka Eni whom was only like 10 or 12 yo when i first met her & she's all grown up, pretty & married now!!! thru Eni, Theha & i were reunited all over again...Eni invited me to her brother~ Iskandar's wedding.

with the lovely kak Nur..or better known now as Eni

this snapshot was taken simply because ...welll.... partly, because of the new colored contact lenses (they are Stirling Grey btw) that i had on but mostly...i was just overly conscious with my false lashes that i decided to wear that day...i felt like they were falling off!!! :P must remind myself not to wear 'em when i do reunions again!!! the one in red is the groom's & Eni's mum...been a long time since i met her but she still looks the same!
Weddings are great at meeting a whole bunch of people long lost friends & relatives especially but sucks at doing catching ups.. u can only talk so much before the next person drags u or the other person away...*sigh...
anyway, i was glad that i went to the wedding, it was great meeting those lots all over again.

2nd reunion~5th of July 2009

this 2nd part of my reunion weekend was basically with my ex colleagues...
again it's been ages...well, not as long as the first reunion but considerably long enough for me to get excited all over it...:p
Rina & Lyan are my two counterparts from Indonesia, both are now married to our fellow Malaysians & are staying in Malaysia. i must have last met Rina at least more then 37 weeks since she is now 37 weeks preggy!!!
with the lwonderful Amaliah & daughters both in pink- my ex colleague's wife...

with Nuyah my best confidante & along~another colleague's wife

with another colleague's wife, we share the same name....

where the kids were while the mommies & daddies did the catching ups...

Although not many of my ex girl colleagues turned up due to their personal commitments, it was fun having to see those who made themselves available nevertheless!!

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