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Friday, July 31, 2009

Laith sport's day...

it's Laith sport's day today.. even though he was given MC for 2 days- for having flu & fever- no not h1n1- thank God..( yesterday & today) by the doctor yesterday...he insisted to participate.
so last nite i called up his teacher and asked if i could bring him in just for his event (telematch) & was given a green light & that we could come in at about 9.30am, yeay!!

this morning, instead of going together with my SIL eyna ( her son mike goes to the same school as Laith) we went separately so that we don't have to wait for each other...since i was going to bring Laith home after his event & Eyna didn't know what time Mike's event started.

with his friends, lew mung kit (top picture),
wong teck yie, soh yit shi ( the one who looks like malay)..

ball in the hoop event...

the 'flying' gunny sack event...love this shot!

the plastic version of the traditional walk with the coconut shells...

these photos are taken from the video i took... i can't seem to upload the video here...;(

the team was fast... even though Laith's rope got tanggled up in the middle of the race he managed to finish it to the end...

well his team won 1st place...yeay!!!

with his friends while waiting for the prize giving ceremony...

me strong lil boy...a gold medal even when he's not feeling so up to it...


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