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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pet 'em, Eat 'em @ Rabbit Fun Land!

saw this yesterday on my way to Tesco Rinching (this is on the way to University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus)
at first i thought it would be kinda cool place to bring the kids on some activity less weekend until i saw the satay picture that says "Rabbit Satay"( Sate) which i found quite disturbing. this is because i do have some soft spot for this particular furry cuddly animal....they are just so adorable!!!( err.. unfortunately, i can't say the same thing about cats for some reasons though ;P )...it's not that i'm a vegetarian or i've never eaten rabbit (wild rabbit /hare that is) before... it's just the concept of Funland for the rabbits is a little bit misrepresented...it's probably fun for the visitors but doubt it very much for the rabbits...&i very much suspect it would be very stressful, yeah very, very stressful indeed, i bet.
& just imagine after bringing the children to the petting zone & after learning about the reasons why adopting them rabbits are great on the adoption program,
ok what to do next...?? oh why not, EAT em!!!

wonder how'd u tell your children, this thing that u're eating..is what u petted just now!??


  1. apapun cats tetap adorable!!! hehehehe jgn jeless... nanti i suh tinky manja2 dgn u k? or ciki lala ke manja2 dgn u. hehehe

  2. itu kitten cuba bermanja dengan i but i was like takut terpenyet de...nampaklah so fragilenye...arghhhhhhhhh!!!!



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