Friday, July 16, 2010

Bali: Frangipani aka Bunga Kemboja

In Malaysia, this flower is also known as Bunga (Kemboja) Kubur. most of the time these flowers (of any colours)  can be found / planted at the (Muslims mostly) cemetery,
for some unknown reason it is the favorite to accompany the dead. so they are hardly given a second glance. In Bali however, they are known as the flower of pure / true love.
according to our guide~ Dhana, when a Balinese man falls head over heels in love with a lady, instead of giving her gold and /or diamond he tucks a frangipani behind her right ear as a sign of his undying love.
 ...hmm... somehow that sounds logical why these flowers are commonly found at the cemetery hey!;P
and when a Balinese man tucks the flower bud behind his ear, that is to indicate that he had just finished praying.
 so here is my dozen of colourful frangipani hair clips from mehubby to last a life time...:P

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