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Monday, July 26, 2010

a series of Birthday treat...

a lil kit kat break from my Bali updates...

this year, didn't get any pressy for mehubby except for hadiah kasih sayang sahaja...hehe....budget sudah lari after the bali triplah ....so i decided to treat him with makan-makan instead in a series of different (days) outings...bolehlah ye sayang...;P

karaoke session~
err..this one seriously not my calling. it was more laith's idea. it's our first family karaoke session...

mehubby (even though he can sing) & i are so not into karaoke cos. i so cannot sing & so is laith but somehow we thought we'd just give it a go..oh well why not, just for a laugh...(anyway not able to paste any of those karaoke session pics here cos those pics are now stuck in my office pc which monitor has gone stupid for some reason). this happened (karaoke) on the saturday after laith's birthday & before mehubby's.

on the morning of his birthday i presented him with my homemade curi-curi buat behind his back (unlike always...for some weird reason the 2 days before his birthday he simply did not have any meetings to go to *sigh*)  bouquet of his fav chocolates~farrero rocher& kit-kats. (life couldn't be easier... those are the only two types of chocs that he likes...)

& since we couldn't go out & celebrate his birthday on the day itself we went for lunch at sushi king the day after instead...(it was all day blackout day at the office....hehe how convenient kan..)

lunch was then followed by the unplanned  foot reflexology err..footorturelogy more like hehehe... & shoulder massage...well this one~ i, ok. cos they have male therapists there...;P

will update bout the service in another post soon..

& last but not least...a dinner treat at bubba gump, sunway pyramid last saturday after coming back form my parents..
it was our first visit there...i'm not really into shrimps, but then the treat is not about me, it's about those two love of my life...but i do love the film, so why not.

hmmm those yummylicious starter & their entrees...can't remember what they're called but they're absolutely wicked!

Happy Birthday to both meDarling Bue & Laith, hope u guys love this year's birthday treat as much as i did.

yeah, well said Forest! :p

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