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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Man Zu Tang Health and Beauty Centre

No: 9-G Plaza Citra,
Jalan Citra Kajang,
43000, Kajang,
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm
Tel:03-8739 5757

Charges : Special promotion rate: Foot reflexology RM25/per hour, body massage RM50/per hour
& their tag line in the advertisement says;~

Sejuk mulai dari kaki, penyakit kerana kaki sejuk~ make sense ke? oh well...;P

There’s another promotion of foot spa which costs RM9.90 per ½ hour. Your feet will be soaked into a bucket of warm water mixed with natural herbs imported from china. It’s said to improve blood circulation and dispel wind.

unlike other centers that only have female therapists from myanmar, philipines or indonesia, this center has both females & male therapists (mostly from sabah)...so it's ok for me hubby to go cos they have male therapist! :p

 they serve cherry tomatoes together with ur green tea as refreshment...
the therapists at work

these boys (Alan & Joy)are a wee bit boisterous & playful but they make u endure the pain...somehow.

here's the map if anyone of u thinking of giving it a go. the promotion lasts to the 31of August 2010. it's better to call & make a booking before going or u'll have to wait for a bit for ur turn especially during peak period.
go on, give it a try...

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