Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bali: So we're back...& still in denial..;(

yeah, so we're back in Meysia & still desperately in denial that the long awaited holiday in Bali has finally came to an end (excitedly went (even though mehubby packed along a fever, flu & soar throat with him), had a wonderful OB time & sadly & still-still desperately in denial left) ...... why oh why...time flies & went POOF in the blink of an eye!!??

it's been ages...well almost 11 years that we have not been going anywhere on holiday just the two of us for so, so many reasons that i won't bother listing down...err apart from thinking Laith is just still too small to be left behind ( this will be on the next entrylah ye...sorry Laith, i just have to share that lil bit of u in this space on my next entry nanti...;P).

will be updating about the holiday in stages or it'll be too long to write in one entry.

Satria Gatotkaca : this shot was taken when we got stuck in the traffic jam.
c u in a bit...

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