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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a clasmate who is not a friend...

when i was going thru some old school photos at ma's place few months ago, i came across a couple of group photos of my classmates & i. one of those classmates was this *tut* girl who thought she's all that but of course she's not at all if u know what i mean...;P

i remember a couple of years after i got married, i bumped into her at a clinic & was kinda excited to see someone i knew from school after a long time..
so i said hello to her & even bloody remembered her name~i am rather good with names, sometimes...to which i regretted later...
to my dismay she acted as if she didn't recognize me and said..."im sorry i don't remember u...!
*tut*!!! ok i admit that i wasn't that popular at school but damn we were classmates for at least the last 2 years we were there & 5-6 years in the same *btut*tuty* school!
in my attempt to safe my embarrassment i tried to remind her of my name & which class we belonged to & mentioned some of the much popular classmates that i used to hangout with... & with her chubby *tut*tut* face she just smiled brazenly & again said she didn't remember me...

oh well...

that's her~the one sitting & blocking everyone else- the chubby big hair one-*Btut*!!!

so, when i uploaded those photos into my facebook album after i've found some of my classmates & schoolmates in facebook & many of whom still remember me...i received a request from this *btut* girl to tag a photo of herself from my album...the cheek of her~ needless to say i rejected her request! ;P


  1. go to hell with friends like this! luckily i never ever tegur my old skoolmate unless she gave a frienly smile and come and greet me. or else 'do i know u?' hehe yea, sombong kan? :p

  2. well usually i tak daklah peduli sangat nak tegur...tapi tah apsal arituh cam rasa nak jadi friendly lah plak...uish...sombong plak minah tuh~ *b*tut*!!! sejak aritu tak dak dah nak tegur2 lagi unless orang tu tegur dululah...;P



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