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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kak Ruby Oh Kak Ruby...kenapakah kau...!?

i've forgotten all about this incident until i was reminded by fawawa & i decided to write it down in my note.

this note is about my weird tele-conversation with a very strange woman whom i barely knew~ " the Weirdress' -a female version for weirdo!?

this incident happened sometime last year while waiting for my hubby to call ( he was away for the C&C paintball weekend held in Penang). my battery was already showing those yellow bar line-pandai sangat... i ter left my charger @the office unfortunately. so while waiting for the call, Laith & i decided to
'laypark' in bed while i did some reading & he was fiddling with the camera.

it was around 945pm when the phone started ringing, though i was expecting for my hubby to call, that didn't stop me from looking at the caller ID. it was a shock to see who it was.. i contemplated at 1st if i should answer the call because the screen read ~ Kak Ruby.

Kak Ruby is a lady golfer i met at my local home club ( Staffield GCR) while i was queuing up at the golf registration counter, she befriended me. she asked if i was playing on my own & if i'd like to join her & her 2 other friends to make a flight of four to which i replied that i was in fact playing with my hubby & my DIL. i politely declined since i was on my second round of nine anyway & i had to rush back to work after that. she then asked for my phone number & said if in case we'd like to play together someday we could give each other a call.. & so i agreed- to be polite....orang melayukan...kenalah berbudi bahasa, lebih-lebih lagi dengan orang yang lebih dewasa...

anyway, back to the phone call...Laith kept asking me who kak Ruby was & i thought i might as well find out why she's calling...my best guess was that she probably wanted to invite me for a round of golf in the weekend. it was during that long weekend before Aidil Adha on the following Monday...

so here's the excerpt from the conversation in malay;

kak Ruby: Assalamualkum
me: Walaikumsalam kak Ruby
kak Ruby: Apa Khabar Sunny, Sunny tengah buat ape?
me: khabar baik, tak de ape kak Ruby, just tunggu phone call dari hubby, de outstation.
kak Ruby: Sunny dah makan?
me: dah kak Ruby dah almost kul 10 dah... kak ruby(dah makan)?
kak Ruby: dah ( & she went silent...i was the one pulak yang nak kena keep the conversation going)

(ok this is the intro part yg biasa dan boringlah... we'll get to the interestingly freaking creepy part in a bit)

me: ada ape kak Ruby (call)?
kak Ruby: tak ade ape... saje nak raya...
me: huh!!!?? (i thought i heard wrong so i said) nak ajak main golf ke?
kak Ruby: tak lah akak pun dah lama tak main...

( ok kalau saje call & bukan nak ajak main golf then...alamak ni sure nak jual kuih raya ni!!! @ this point i thought if she wanted to sell me some kueh raya i would have to say, we don't really celebrate Aidil Adha lah...)

me: owh...(raking my brain nak tanye apa lagi ya...), so ni tadi kak Ruby tengah buat ape?
Kak Ruby: tak ade ape-ape....

(issshhh...dah tak dak ape nak cerita, apsal lah plak call ni...!? nak je tanya " kak Ruby, what is it that u want!?)

me: eeer...kak Ruby call ni ade ape ye...(finally...dah tak tahan dah lagi to be put on suspense lama sangat)
kak Ruby: tak ade ape...saje nak raya...
me: huh!!!??? ( wah pelik betul nih..dari tadi dia jawab nak raye- nak raye...)

( then suddenly she started talking...)

Kak Ruby: Raya tak balik Kampung?
me: tak ...raya kat semenyih je, kalu balik pon balik shah alam umah mak ayah...kak Ruby balik? kampung kat mane?
Kak Ruby: tak jugak...kalu balik pun balik kuantan (& mention a certain place that i am not familiar of but quite close to teluk chempedak)
me: oh kuantan saya ade juga saudara kat kuantan .
Kak Ruby: oh ye ke.. kat mane?
me: somewhere kat teluk chempedaklah sebelah hubby tapi tak ingat ape name tempat.

( by now she sorta dah macam drifted off & expected me to ask her questions...pelik betul makcik ni- suara dia macam she was kinda lonely tapi... hmmm not sure how to describe..but sebab nak jadi polite punye pasal cos i still don't see any reason why i shouldn't be lah kan.. )

....& here comes the pelik part...

Kak ruby: Kak rumah ade sape?

(since i was at my PIL's house..)

me: saya, anak, mak & ayah..
kak Ruby: ade berapa orang?
me: (huh)??? err... adelah... ( now i was thinking she was one of those MLM ppl trying to persuade me for an appontment of some sort...)
kak Ruby: cuba sebut ade siape...
me: errr... kenape ye kak Ruby?? ( peliknye it just didn't occur to me that i should just cut her off then & there)
kak Ruby: cuba sebut ade siape...

(macam kena pukau....saya terus menjawab...)

me: ade mak, ayah, makcik...
kak Ruby: makcik siape?
(ehh... de kenal ke?)
me: err adelah makcik, dia memang tinggal sekali...
Kak Ruby: nama makcik siapa...

(isshh...kenapalah takleh nak cut her off nih!)

me: kenapa kak Ruby nak tawu ye...

(dia tak jawab pun)
Kak Ruby: Ayah buat ape?
(e eh...melampau ni! tapi still tak boleh nak press that red button...)
me: tengok tv..
Kak Ruby: owh...mak? mak tengah buat ape?
me: mak pun tengah tengok tv jugak..
Kak Ruby: nak cakap dengan mak kejap...
me: errr.. mak tengok tv kat dalam bilik..
Kak Ruby: cuba panggil mak kejap...

(issshhh.....apsal pulak ni, macam cikgu sekolah pulak telepon nak cakap denagn mak bunyinye)

me: err...bilik mak jawuh dari bilik saya kak Ruby...
Kak Ruby: tak pe i'll wait...

( then she went silent...i thought she had put down the phone...so i said )

me: hello, errr...
Kak Ruby: cuba panggil mak, nak cakap dengan mak kejap...

( alaa.... kenapa kak Ruby ni!????)

me: err... kak Ruby nak cakap dengan mak? kenape ye kak Ruby..?

(knowing full well that my MIL wouldn't want to be interrupted while watching her Hindi movie..i think err... ke one of those sutra drama thingylah kot at the time)

kaK Ruby: tak de ape...saje nak raye...


me: bilik mak jauhlah kak Ruby...( determine not to let her speak to my MIL partly sebab i know she would not be happy about it & that i was also saving those yellow bar line for my hubby to call)
Kak Ruby: owh..ye ke...tak apelah, maaf mengganggu ye... Selamat Hari Raya... (click!)
me: AihhK!??

i looked at Laith & he looked back at me... those lil hair on my neck tetiba berdiri..... pinched myself a couple of times to make sure i was not dreaming or rather having a nightmare...i scrolled my phone to check on the received number...yeap...sure enough Kak Ruby's number was there....

Pelik tapi benar...

*note: up to now, i have not received any phone calls from Kak Ruby nor terjumpa de kat the club lagi....

~sekian, terima kasih~

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