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Monday, March 16, 2009

a lil about me- SunnyLovesRain & why i started blogging...

i know my nick sounds very native American like but that's just because i like to think that i'm cheerful& bright like the sun not forgetting as moody too like the sun unfortunately rather unpredictable like the rain;P.. oh but i seriously like it when it rains...

anyway what my horoscope says about me is nearly true...& i repeat nearly true...

courtesy of Regina Russell of Regina Russell's tea room
The sign Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Carrier. (that explains the rain)

Your sign element is air. (that's is probably why i'm so airheaded!?)

You like time saving devices and enjoy reading. (very much)

Aquarius is modern, progressive, diplomatic, and humanitarian. (i'd like to think that i am)

Independence and a feeling of freedom is necessary. (hmmm i'm not so sure about the independence part though..but feeling of freedom YES!)

Aquarius has a strong will, and is original, inventive, and will always enjoy doing the unexpected. (yeah baby~ these so me!)

Aquarius is also creative, scientific, quick, unconventional, friendly and enjoys groups of people or belonging to clubs. (creative, quick & unconventional definitely, scientific~ hmmm i dunno, friendly~ this is tricky- i am very choosy & picky when it comes to friends...but once i get acquainted with them yeah i'd enjoy their company)

Aquarius is intellectual, faithful, and intuitive, with an ability to "see through people". (yes to all the rest & faithful is my other second name!)

You may lead a bohemian or hippie lifestyle. (this i like!)

Possible negative aspects of the sign Aquarius:
You can be self centered.
Aquarius can be nervous and high strung, erratic, opinionated, impractical, and often a public charge. (guilty as charged!)

personally, i used to go against blogging, rather oldschool i would say~ to me it's like when u write a diary...it's very personal, u don't read other people's diary do u...& up till today i still don't enjoy reading other people's blogs...
why am i blogging now if u must ask... simply a way to express myself, i don't really care if people were to stop by & read my blog or not...
i just have story to tell & i like to write it down...

so here's a little nobody me (In my own words) just like what is written on About me box on the top left hand side with a slight explanations to the who, the what & the why.

Aida is part of a long winded given name written in my BC. Sunny is my alter ego & i love it when it rains. i thought it makes the most calming sound after the waterfall and the waves and the freshly cut grass...hmmm...the later is more to smell ainnit, oh well whatever...but it makes me feel at ease.

SIMPLE is simply is my other middle name...well sure i complain & whine  a little at times...that's just to either share my inner thoughts  n feelings or simply being piss off at things or people..
I am flexible, adaptable & very uncomplicated. i get frustrated & annoyed when people make a mountain out of a mole hill. 

above all that...i always make sure to count on my blessings regularly...
so basically i am what my posts are all about. i am a very simple person but not necessarily predictable.

i'm not sure if what i write ever make sense buti guess this is my way to write all my day to day experience~ my life journey...hence the name Under the Sun in the Rain came about...

hope u'd enjoy what i write & walk beside me through the journey of a nobody me...

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