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Thursday, March 19, 2009

random me...

this is another getting to know me better thingy that they came up with in facebook... since i've already done it, i thought i might as well just post it here..

&these are my 25 random facts...
1. i am hopelessly devoted to my son~ Laith & my hubby~ Joey- the two most important people in my life.

2. Call me old fashion but i met my hubby through a get together cum blind date set up by a few mutual friends including 3 of my 4 brothers! but i guess that was a match made in heaven. i was told about him on May 30th 1999, we met on June 10th 1999, got engaged on July 24th 1999 & got married on the 19th September 1999. we love each other rotten...he is just everything that i'm not.

3. Golf is a passion instilled in me since i was young by my beloved baba~ now i got to enjoy it with my hubby & my daddy- in- law...

4. Pink is not my colour but i don't hate it to the point i can't stand it (my golf balls are Pink!). i love blue but when i go out shopping for clothes (even if i like the colour on the mannequin or on display) i always ended up with white, black, brown or gray something...but i do occasionally throw in some red tops here & there for color.

5. about 5 years ago, i just had the urge to do oil painting, so i went out to the art supplies store and bought myself two canvases, oil paints, paint brushes, linseed oil etc... until now they are still sitting pretty & gathering dust in the box somewhere in the storeroom of my house!

6.When i was about 6 years old- hmmm...that was quite a long time ago too... i used to owned a pet (white feathered) turkey & i called it 'klook-klook'~ because of the sound it made. but one day it died for some unknown reason, it broke my heart bad...so i cried & i cried & i cried...ma tried to replace it with another turkey but it's just not the same...so i gave up at having any pets until today!

7. uuuh... somehow i've managed to get to #7.... i prefer a small company of friends, considerably shy & don't enjoy talking about myself much...but when i do i just can't stop!!! hahaha...
it takes a while for me to warm up to new people... but i make a good listener.

8. i love flowers in general~ daisies, white lily, orchids to name a few...but Sunflower has been & still is my all time favorite flower, so are those bright yellow daffodils during spring time back in the UK...i love 'em bad!!

9. Scotland is definitely one of my favorite place in the world...it's just so peaceful & quiet out there.

10. i have a phase at cooking/ baking, gardening or doing art & crafts... i will start doing something for a couple of days, weeks or months sometimes until i get bored & then i 'lll move on to do other things...but somehow all of the above activities will recycle on it's own free will...hahaha

11. i go high on tea & coffee w /wo milk @ anytime of day & night...so i just don't drink tea or coffee~ end of story.

12. Don't hate me but i love the rain... i love the sound of it...it's so calming..i used to play in the rain when i was little...and as i'm typing this, it's raining outside- that's possibly why i could tolerate the English weather too!

13. i don't like scary movies or thrillers...but i love those mythical- epic high fantasy ~Lord of the Rings / Narnia type of movies.

14. i love sushi * the one thing that i have yet to attempt DIY myself..a Japanese friend- Jun Mitsui taught me once yonks ago (during my student years) on how to make a variety of those delicious yummy 'sushies' but i still couldn't make myself go buy that little bamboo mat for it..cos i thought it's a lot easier to go have 'em @Sushi King or just grab a tray or two from the sushi counter at the supermarket instead...cheaper & less hassle!;P

15. Some people might be offended by this statement but this is my personal opinion (sorry people)~ even though i am not allowed to have them, i think i'm a dog person.. i thought dogs are more loyal then cats...but i wouldn't know cos i never owned either one.

16. i prefer Star Wars then Star Trek.

17. Robert Ludlum & Jeffery Archer are two of my favorite authors- they are absolutely brilliant!

18. i never used to like Asam Laksa/ Laksa Penang cos i thought the laksa noodle just do not blend well with the fish gravy until i decided to try cook it myself...& somehow i managed to get my son asking for more & my hubby who doesn't like fish that much hooked on it!

19. Talking about fish, i thought stingrays are ghostly cute... my first encounter with them was when i visited the underwater world in New Zealand years ago & i adore them ever since.

20. Pitaya / Dragon fruit(red in particular) is my favorite fruit...it has that acquired taste to it...hmmm...i loike!

21. errr...21 Jump Street used to be my favorite TV program!? *blush*

22. Snickers...i love Snickers...nope, definitely not a Mars bar person!

23. Seriously i'd never thought i'd come this far... but the forming of the clouds in the sky fascinates me..& i love taking pics of em too...

24. i love olives in any form. they are godsend from heaven.

25. my wish & resolution for the year of the OX~2009- is to work harder for a baby girl- Yee Ha!;P
ok done, now it's time to go get busy...

as i have mentions these facts are simply at random... i will later blog on some of the facts stated above in greater details...

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