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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brad Pitt & Jeniffer Aniston had 2 kids together !??

so mehubby & i were living in this palatial mansion somewhere off semenyih belonging to one of the richest person in town as a couple of caretakers to the mansion while he was away. he is just so generous that he even has his own gas/ petrol station at his place where family & friends are always welcome to fuel up FOC! ~WOW!!!
on top of that, he also owns a top notch high class restaurants adjoining the house for all the A class celebrities to come & dine where i, wait tables. :(

 pic from here
last nite while i was on my shift, Brad Pitt & Jeniffer Aniston dropped by for dinner (without reservation) along with their two adorable blond daughters, Blinky~ 4 & Keisha~ 2... weird thing about it was, neither Brad nor Jennifer bothered much about the two. so while they waited for their food that they've ordered to arrive all the way from Melaka (which of cos took quite awhile to arrive) the couple decided to go for a tandem bicycle ride around the area leaving the 2 kids playing at the restaurants kid's corner all by themselves but of cos under our~ the restaurant's staff watchful eyes.

minute after minute, hour after hour (borrowed from coolio's gangster's paradise lyric)  pass, the food (that was flown all the way from Melaka) had gone cold, the bubbly had no bubbles left, the kids had gone tired playing but Brad & Jeniffer were no where to be seen nor found! as the caretaker of the mansion & the restaurants, mehubby & i were responsible for the well being of the two kids...two blond kids...adeh apelah nak buat dengan anak omputih dua horang nih!?? we wondered.
suddenly, tu tutt tu tu tutt tu tutt tu tu tutt tu tutt tu tu tutt tut tutt tut... the alarm when off for sahur.... dang, aku bermimpi rupanya!!!

that was one weird Hollywood celebrity dream that i ever had! the irony about the dream~ Brad Pitt & Jeniffer Aniston are no more together & to have 2 kids together & not care about them??
told mehubby about the dream this morning & he was like.....hmmm....:P

Happy Fasting all!!

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