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Monday, August 2, 2010

THIS IS WAR! Dusk Till Dawn - series 1 (31July-1August)

Time: Saturday @ 21:00 - Sunday @ 03:00
Location: Tbun CC Aman Suria
Info~What is it All About: Company Of Heroes & Call Of Duty: World at War & Modern Warfare multi-player frag fest galore yo!!!
(in short~it's a computer game!!)
well that's what happened last weekend to the gang of Big Boys( a mixture of our paintball mates & mutual friends-organised by me BIL Kerry) ~ mehubby &mebaby included.
we seriously had a long, longggggggg weekend. all kind of activities cramp in one.here i simply put em in points.

*started off with us having nasi kerabu breakfast in semenyih ( the best  we found in the area).

* then, laith & i went to my niece's bertunang in Shah Alam while me hubby had his St' John's reunion in PJ.

*went to Amcorp mall for books @ book xcess & bought that double- decker 2 volumes MAD compilation. 

* went to  Aman Suria & had din-din at that so called "Sedap"~ (biasa-biasa je sebenarnye) nasi kandar mamak.

* Kerry & Sue arrived, Kerry joins the gamer's dinner party, sue & i head down to the Curves konon-berangan nak ber karaoke together with Siti. tapi hampa belaka cos it's saturday nite so all rooms are booked up sampai pagi. phewwh lega!!! wasn't really looking forward to menyeksakan deria pendengaran mereka-mereka yang terlibat.

*so plan B was to go Urut kaki at the emerald spa near Tbun Aman Suria after sue & siti had theirr dinner.

* went around looking for kekosongan tempat & ended up layparking at the Apartment.  the Shepard's pie sue ordered was yummy but i already had my sedap dinner at that sedap mamak...erkk.. sounds tak sedap betul kan! so i only had some drinks.

was excited to run into(or rather she saw & waved & called and shouted to daun keladi~ tak perasan lansung!) for me into Raz my best friend at uni. it was a quick touch & go sort of reunion cos she was heading home already. been along-long time since i saw her personally face to face except in facebook. yeah will definitely make an effort to go meet up soon. ..errgh me is so terrible at keeping in touch.

*so we( Sue, Y & Siti (b4 she too had to leave) stayed at the Apartment until the waiters  told us they'r taking last order.

* thinking the tempat urut kaki was still open we headed back to Aman Suria & found out that the place was already closed for the nite. so we ended up at that lil penang restaurant nearby & order more drinks & laksa soup for sue.
 we turned out to be the last customers sebab they had to wait for us to finish up & leave b4 they can actually pull down the grill...heheehe..poor thing.

*not knowing what else to do we went into TBun & start playing games too! ;P

* the boys finally finished at about 4am & we all went back to that sedap nasi kandar and eat again...practice bersahurlah kononye....

*we finally got home at 530am & went straight to bed sampai lah kul 1230 tengahari...had lunch with english breakfast~ sausage, eggs suny side up, bake beans & toast. :P

* we did Dvds merathon~the Unthinkable (uhh- suspen giler tengok citer nih), when in Rome ( not bad though Romantic comedy always ends with predictable ending), copout ( i ended up dozed off at this one...i think it's kinda drag).

*for dinner, we tried this Seri Intan restaurant in pekan semenyih. not bad at all i would say. the kueh tiew ladna was great, the sate kambing was good too....

* after we picked up laith's yet another new pair of glasses, went home got everything ready for laith's school tomorrow, tuck him into bed went down watch Public enemy on cable & zzzzzzzzzzzzz for the nite.

 i'm starving....need some lunch now.

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