Monday, June 1, 2009

bucket list of blogs

well this are my list of blogs that i have been blogging in my head but did not get to write or have written partially but have yet to finish...

1) trip for pau & hot spring in tanjung malim (long overdue),
2) spa adventure with sue n cida,
3) the making of ginb, (this will only be published when am ready to reveal)
4) ma's birthday cake that i left behind...warghhhhhhhhh!!!
5) stupid watch shop that broke my 5th wedding anniversary gift from my PIL,
6) tenji yumms
7) the con movie ticket counterboy
8) mash's birthday cake
9) some paintballs story & characters
10)the chonicles of 10 years ago... the meeting, the ring(ing) & the wedding..

yeah at least these are the few that i can remember for now.. promise i will write & publish

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