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Friday, June 5, 2009

a sMASHing weekend to some...

it's almost a week now since last weekend but i still feel like it's only been yesterday...

the weekend started of with one of our paintball team mate ~Mash Bangers'-(he is one of those weird characters in the team) Birthday Bash held at Laundry Bar, the Curve. since he loves my chocolate cake so much & even asked if he could order it from me(i made the cake sometime last year for two of the team mates for their birthday as a gift). i told him i don't sell them cakes but bake them just for fun..me an amateur cake baker~ it's just not right if i start taking orders~ what if the cake does not turn up right, up to the standard kan... it won't look good on me, right...;p

so i told me hubby that i'll bake the cake as a gift from the both of us. at first me hubby & i thought of making them lil cupcakes as well but due to not having enough time..i abandon the idea.

i planned to make 3 tier cakes for him so i had to make the first 2 ( the smallest & the middle size the evening b4) & made the biggest size ( see i don't even know the sizes of the cakes muahahahaha...)on the day itself to safe time ( cos on that friday evening we had a meeting @ Rasta's ( it's a food court somewhere @ BU i think).
anyway...on the morning of the bash, it was kinda hectic for me, cos i had to make that 3rd tier of the 3 cakes..then together with sue after she had finished her lunch duty (me & sue has one specific day each to cook at our PIL's~ me on thursday & sue on saturday or sunday) went out to get the cake topping, the cake base & boxes..we also bought some plastic palm trees as decorations.

but b4 we headed home to complete the cake topping, we stopped by at the salon for a quick blow dry...to save time & money we had earlier on washed our hair at home...hahaha...though we were not all that satisfied with the result, we just had to make do with it due to time constrain...

once hair all done up we got home & i started preparing for the topping...& the result..ta da!!!!(for both pictures~ make-up courtesy of me darling sis- Su..love u babe!)

the plastic soldiers were 'sponsored' by me son Laith...thanks darling, i'll buy u another set ok...Mwah!

sue & i with birthday boy's then gf nini.. it was an all white (except for the cake of course) party... so the ambiance was exceptional.

these are the cakes when lit up by the candles ( note: the cake with the car was a special order from a bakery shop)

it turned out that the birthday bash was only a decoy to a marriage proposal...oh how sweet...

CONGRATULATIONS to the both of U!!!

we went home at about 11pm leaving all those youngsters & the still young at heart to bogey the night away... cos the next morning we had a paintball tournament at Tanamera (in actual fact those staying behind too were involved in the tournament!).

& this is how we looked the morning after the nite b4!! hahahha...

& the one in pink is our darling pet sis...CT.
almost everyone involved in the tournament who went to the party the nite b4 came in late & some even had hangover...especially the king of the night the team captain Mash Bangers! muahahaha...

we had a pretty wicked day that day even though some can barely open their eyes!

& this video i made especially for Mash...& it's called sMASHed!

& that pretty wrapped up my weekend & pretty much every one else' s, i guess....


  1. huhuhuhuhuhu.... i baru nak baca ni.. lama gila tak blog hoping. oh btw, kalau ada masa2 lagi nak buat french manicure sama main mekap2 keh!!

    and yeah.. me love you too big sis!!

  2. yeah kite main dressing up & make-up2 lagi ye hooray!!!!



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