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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the chronicles of 10 years ago today...the meeting part

yeah, today-Thursday the 10th of June 1999 was the day when four eyes met two hahaha...that's because i wear lenses!!!

so after i was told about me hubby to be(h2b) 10 days ago( 30th may 1999), today as of 10 years ago was the day when we were scheduled to meet.

where: coffee bean Bangsar
when: sometime after lunch

went there with my 3 brothers; along, ateh & pa uda plus my eldest SIL; kak long. so no, we were not alone, i was chaperoned!!!;P

when we got there, he & a few of our mutual friends were there waiting...
to tell the truth, i was very embarrassed even though i know all of them there (except for him of course). i was then positioned to sit next to him! err...this is actually very embarrassing to write...how would u feel when all eyes were focused on you at that particular moment? turned all red of course..... oh & not forgetting that my 3 brothers & SIL were there too to witness, duh!!!

anyhoo.. we said hi to each other & smiled & the rest.... all i can say is history...don't asked what we wore or what we ordered or what we talked about...i just don't remember...
... it was like u're hit by lightning sorta feeling...hmmm... not that i've been hit by lightning b4 so to speak but u know...the feeling... when u're falling in love... hmmm.....tummy churning, constant 'cocklish' smile on the face, the feeling like u're walking in the air, daydreaming 24/7....ahhh bliss!!!!
we hit it off right from the start...love @first sight? i guess it was!

to be continued... the visit part

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