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Monday, June 8, 2009

roses for ma...& the centerpiece that i left behind!!!

ma’s birthday falls on the 16th of May. it is in conjunction with teacher’s day as well as mother’s day or mother's weekend as i call it. So this year on her 71st, my 4th brother ‘pa uda’ took the lead to hold a birthday get together among the siblings & close friends.

I decided to make some lil cupcakes with our ( all her children & grandchildren) initials on. On top of that, I thought a chocolate cake will be nice too. However, I started quite late that Friday nite since we(my hubby, my PIL & i) went to Seremban 2 in the afternoon to check out the golf fest they were having.
I only started preparing for the quest sometime after 11pm after a quick visit to Tesco for some missing items for the cake recipe.

The first batter (for cupcakes) attempt did not turn up well, frustrated I decided to just simply make the whole cake instead. Trying out another recipe… damn something just ain’t right…it just did not rise! Warghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!:O
That was almost 1.30 on Saturday morning. I thought I can’t just go to sleep without a success story to tell in the morning…it’s a waste of my beauty sleep hours. So again I decided to try out another recipe..this time another cupcake batter was prepared. It looked great while in the oven but they went flat when I took it out. a waste of time, money & energy slaving myself in the kitchen with nothing to show in the morning. Feeling tired & frustrated, I lay down next to hubby for a bit of a rest.

I got up early that day for we had to prepare for some tender documents which was due on Monday. Went to the office, got everything done & went back home for another attempt. Decided that I will just make do with the cupcakes that I prepared earlier that morning & covered them with some icing & at the same time I tried out another choc cake recipe ( steamed choc cake this time) while I iced the cuppies. Blessed! it turned out well this time, Yeay!!!

Once everything ready,err...except for the topping, i planned of making them topping at my brother's house when i got there... I packed all up in a wicker basket for the choc cake & in the box went the cuppies… but b4 leaving for shah alam, we had to make a quick stop over at my PIL’s cos me hubby had wanted to change car.
Transferred everything into my PIL’s car or so I thought & off we went! When we reached the destination…took the box of cuppies out but my basket of precious chocolate cake was nowhere to be found in the car!!! WARhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We left it in the other car!
so there i was an hour away from home where my wicker basket with the main birthday cake inside had been left behind!:<
we finally settled with just the cuppies....oh well it's the thought that counts hey! duh...forget about the energy & my beauty sleep for that matter...;p
anyway, to those wondering what happened to the cake in the end ...i brought it over to my PIL & let those choc cake lovers- especially sue & eyna & kak mis too polished 'em all!!;P

some one bought this flowers for ma.

though without the cake, we still had a good time at the gathering...it's just so good to get to see all my nieces & nephews& cousins (not everyone though) there...
& to ma, Happy Birthday & i love u always!!!!


  1. hahahahahahahah yang ni kes kelakar!

  2. The post that you have made over here is really nice and it contains very useful information as well. The roses that you have made are looking really cool

  3. hahhaha...i was just being unlucky for some reason. must have done something bad for the karma to catch up on me that day...:P



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