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Friday, June 26, 2009

the chronicles of 10 years ago today...the visiting part

yeah...it's 10 years ago today that i went visit his (me hubby to be) parents...

after the first meeting... most of the time we talked over the phone & up till then we've been practicing the old school way...nope no courting...whenever we did meet, there were always people with us...hahaha...never just the two of us! suci ok...;P

exactly 16 days after that i was invited over to his parents house for lunch. I went there with my SIL~ Gye, my best friend Sarah & her daughter Balqish for diversion purposes, so that the focus did not just fall on me when there's a lil child around...hahaha....
i made my SIL drive, cos i was of course busy farming butterflies in my tummy & touching up my make up!! hehehe..
it was a busy Saturday & the traffic was awful...we got in quite late, not fashionably late..just embarrassingly late! not a very good 1st impression i would say....
but the parents were cool about it...we were forgiven & their long wait is also forgotten..yeay!!!

the lunch went well, that was the 1st time i was introduced to mee kwantong (noodle)... yummy!!! the first time i ever heard of it's existence!
...so did the meeting with the parents... they're very laid back, sporting & very liberal people that i've ever met in an old Malay couple... a contrast to my very own parents i would say....

so there, the meeting part is over...it's a get to know each other session...& yeah it went well...phewh!

till the next part of the chronicles... when his parents met mine part...

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