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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Books....& more books @ Book Xcess.com

been whining to me hubby for the last couple of weeks that i had ran out of books to read inside & outside the bathroom hahaha.. well actually not really for bathroom material, cos for that i could read any backdated issues of whatever magazines available on route... yesterday he said we'll stop by at my fav. bookshop after our weekly visit to my parents in shah alam. Yeay, i love u babee!!!!

so today after shah alam as promised, we went there~Book Xcess @ amcorp mall~ http://www.bookxcess.com ~it's a place where u can find new books at half the price u pay for at MPH, Borders or popular book stores. their new books just arrived yesterday so it was heaven!!! my fav. authors Jeffrey Archer & Robert Ludlum's are both in store double yeay!!!

the store's concept is basically, whatever books (titles or authors)that are on shelves are what u get. it's more or less like a reject shop for the books which is probably a little dented or damage on the cover that do not fit the shelves of those major bookstores. but it's usually minor tear here & there on the cover so it's not that much of a problem to me. it's still pleasurable to read however the cover looks, hence the saying~ don't judge a book by it's cover` applies. Even though sometimes i couldn't find the books that i'm looking for but i don't mind it a bit cos there are plenty more books on the shelves & on the floor to choose from... there are times i simply buy any books that the manager recommends (sometimes by authors that i've never heard of b4)& i ended up loving them anyway...

so on this visit, i ended up buying 2 Robert Ludlum's (the Bourne Betrayal & Bourne Legacy) even though these 2 Bourne sequels were actually written by Eric Van Lustbader,i think these two will be as exciting as the first 3 original sequels anyway. one Jeffrey Archer's~ A prisoner of Birth, (each only priced @RM17.90 as oppose to the RM32.90-RM36.90 at those major bookstores), one purchase with purchse book @ only RM9.90~ The Godmother- by an author~Carrie Adams~ whom i'm not very familiar with though i've heard of her b4)

& one book for Laith~ Inkheart by Cornelia Funke also @RM17.90 though i very much suspected that i will be the one who ended up reading the book knowing my son very well.. he only likes the idea of buying- be it books (or toys)...!!!;P
however hard i try to instill the habit of reading in him... it only lasted for a few pages of almost every books accept for those picture storybooks (spiderman, star wars & the like)... & the books will be seen collecting dust somewhere..everywhere...around the house..
& now with Inkheart..how ironic- it's a book about people who love to read & just simply love books...i hope he will find it pleasurable to finish it eventually!

so if u love books u'd love book xcess.com... go check out the place!

as for me..i have books for my bedroom, one for the car, one in my bag & another in the office...so i'm of reading me books now yo!:D

happy reading...

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  1. i bought the godmother with u and abi at MPH warehouse sale 2 yrs bck.

    d cover doens't complement the book. seriously. u will be surprised



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