Saturday, June 27, 2009

care for some Hot Chilli massage anyone???

this is hilarious, got to share this, got to share this...
while doing my trashy reading (the sun newspaper) this morning, i scanned through the classified section & came across this ad under Other Personal Services;
hahahaa....tacky names for the masseuse for attention grabbing purposes though i must say, that is so very creative on the operator side!!! so there's Susugirl (milkgirl), Wantan Mee(wanton noodle), Ajinomoto( a famous food seasoning brand), there's Tomato, Colgate( famouse brand for tooth paste) & not forgetting their very own~Ms Hamburger!!
i did check out the previous day's paper, it seems that they change their call signs everyday like this other ad by the same operator... the names are not as prominent as the ad above but they do have Papaya among others!!!!

hmmm...this reminds me of my good friend Lee...he did mention something about all this weird tacky fruity names for those who works in the spa....i wonder how he knows!? ;P


  1. wwaaahahahahahahaha,.. this is hilarious!!!

  2. kan, kan, kan.... kebetulan plak bila i scanned thru the ad, nampak this one, sbb selalunye yang lain name like rose, or jasmin...kira normal lahkan...but there's one i sign de tau foo!!hahaha....

  3. hahaha.. susugirl?? my imigination is running wild already! :-P
    sometimes trashy readings can be interesting huh... :)


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