Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sabah oh Sabah here i come!!! (the intro...)

this trip was actually planned out long time ago... but never made materialized until last school holiday, Yeay finally!!!!
& this happened while my hubby & i were planning to follow our Iban friend Lee back to his hometown in Miri, Sarawak during the Gawai festival...guess we'll have to wait til the next hari Gawai then eh Lee!

the trip, scheduled from June 11th to June 14th 2009 was painstakingly organized by my BIL Jmey from the flight booking to the accommodations as well as for the activities (though it's more or less a free & easy trip) & all we (the rest of us) did was to make all sorts of demands criticized him mercilessly!! hahaha..poor thing he my BIL....;P
oh & the trip was 80% sponsored by my FIL...GOD bless him...i love u bah!((((Mwahs)))

altogether, there were 14 of us; my PIL- Bah & Mak, Kry & Sue, Eyna, Shafizan,& their 3 kids- Mike, Sam & Eric, Jmey, Syaniz (my niece), my hubby, Laith & i.

so there, the intro to our Sabah trip...


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