Friday, July 31, 2009

it's the end of July!?

just like my last post- Here comes July!, this time it's a wonder how it's the last day of the month already!

i thought i just posted that entry a couple of days back...& as all the other posts about how time flies..
just last weekend (Sunday)- we had a paintball tournament.. didn't event get to mention it in any of my recent post..another weekend starts knocking on the door!

the weekend was definitely a tiring one...although we only won a fourth placing but it was all worth it...

& tomorrow, with a start of a new month... we'll have a wedding to go to in the afternoon & a bachelor party (to mark the end of a friend's bachelorhood-or so he said) in the evening...

hope'll get to update it before it goes outdated...hehehe...


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