Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mabuk toddy verson 2

for mabuk toddy version1 refer here.

for some unthinkable reason i found myself once again for the 2nd time this year feeling all lightheaded, dizzy & can hardly walk when i tried to wake up that Thursday morning to prepare Laith for school. so that whole day i spent all day in bed & so was Friday. when mehubby checked my blood pressure using Me FIL's home blood pressure monitor machine, my pressure was 85/60 which was low.

i did some research online & found out that all the symptoms that i've been experiencing is indeed of low blood pressure. since this whatever illness that i have could lead to all kind of other illnesses like heart disease, kidney problem, stroke & etc... dengan sepantas kilat asked mehubby to go buy me some durians to get my bp shoot back up again! well it works..(apart from forcing myself down those kopi hitam kampung) it has to work & i will make it work for whatever it takes cos i'm so going to Bali next week! ;P

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