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Friday, June 11, 2010


sedang recuperating from a post Spa treatment from yesterday. mana tah the suppose rejuvenated feeling after a Spa session pun tak tau. all i'm feeling right now is severe lethargic, sore neck, back ache & sakit ati (that i actually let another woman touch mehubby!! :(  bitch!!!)...after paying so much ~ damn!  baik duit tu buat gi shopping...sure puas hati lagi....:( :(
 JojoBa Spa @ Berjaya Times Square
this is the package that we initially bought for me PIL's as their wedding anniversary gift.
JoJoBa Royal         (135 mins)       RM360+ per person
Bird Nest Scrub – Lavender Body Shower – Aromatic Mineral Salt + Jacuzzi – Ear Candle Treatment – Aromatherapy Massage – Aroma Eye Pillow Treatment –Bird Nest Soup
Effect: Enhances skin suppleness and cell activation. for whatever that  means!

ever since we got married for nearly 11 years now, mehubby always kinda persuaded me to go Spa 'ing with him but the idea of another woman touching skin to skin, caressing & kneading him is just too much for me to endure...  err  frankly speaking ...that's because i'm a jealous pot full stop!
the Green eyed monster me..no denying it.

However in a turn of event, the anniversary voucher gift for mePIL backfired when meMIL had a knee injury and had to go for physio teraphy treatment instead of spa & on top of that she’s not into that kind of thing too. So they decided to return the voucher to us as an advance bday gift to mehubby instead! Excellent just what i needed!!!:(

So there i was
contemplating &halfheartedly agreed to arrange for the appointment for the both of us so that the voucher would not go to waste &  for a male therapist for mehubby but only to be told that they don’t have any... hmmm...Superb! So like it or not grudgingly i set for an appointment n try as hard as i can to be cool about it. which was definitely super hard to do.*sigh*

Hmmm....just as i fear, i got a bibik type of therapist & mehubby got himself a lil petite girl therapist of whom i felt like Fiona the ogre princess from far far away land standing next to, b!t@h!!! We were ushered into a room (called Kuala lumpur) with a partition in between the 2 therapy beds!
***I seriously felt just the way i did during a golf match at KKB when a bear of a woman stole mehubby away from me so that she could bloody be mehubby’s golf partner at the time, kurang ajar punye beruang bitch!!

What made it worse was we were given a disposable thong  & brief for the session...hmmm not good! I must be crazy to actually go thru that whole lot of shit!  i just couldnt relax throughout the session, i know i was being selfish n all but i’m sorry i jus can’t help it, i kept wondering what the hell is happening on the other side of that partition!!!!

This basically what the package is all about. 
After wearing the damn disposable undies, we were asked to lie on the sauna therapy bed & covered. bird nest scrub was then applied all over the body...thank god for the man they stop at about a palm and half away from the private area... which i was somehome relieve to see. Then we were asked to shower & jumped into the jacuzzi for about 15 mins. I was sweating while in there...good thing i wasn’t planning to get pregnant or mybaby would be turned into a hardboiled egg no doubt! We then showered again changed into a fresh pair of disposable undies & given some passion fruit drink & asked to lie down on the side for the ear candle treatment. while at the same time the therapist started to massage the neck & shoulders area.
 this is when i got to peek thru the partition to see what's happening on the other side!! ;P
this is during the aroma eye pillow treatment  which was nice though 
(pictures courtesy of JojoBa Spa Website)
well to cut the story short, (during the grueling aromatherapy massage) i was not able to enjoy the treatment wholly simply because i was just busy thinking & wondering what's happening over the other side of the partition! *sigh*
may be for those liberal minded couple it'd be enjoyable but being what i am...hmmm....

anyway nilah yg orng kata: tak dak sakit cari penyakit cos after the treatment we were both feeling a bit bitten up & lembik all over. we both have sore neck & sakit belakang. mehubby said he did not quite enjoy the treatment himself. thought we paid them money to inflict sakit & that i massage lagi best but oh well tak taulah probably just to cover line kot.
oh & to make myself felt  better i actually gave mehubby a foot rub just so that he remembers that i was the last person to touch him before going to bed that night, TQ. ;P

hmmm...what would we do to the 2 spa packages that we have for the upcoming Bali trip ni!!??


  1. i told kerry bout the jojoba spa. i pernah pergi once. and i know how bad it is. memang tak best langsung ok? emerald spa kat aman suria tu lagi hebat! but kerry asked me to zipped my lips sbb u bought it for mak bah nyer prezzie kan. thats why i didnt tell u. if i knew u got it back, dah tentu i paksa u jual kat org. heheheheheehe



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