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Monday, June 21, 2010

The A- Team

i've always been very skeptical about the movie when i first heard about it being made. got to watch it last week, well i guest i've been right! being the TV series fan in the 80's( i was about  8-9 yo then), i've video taped (during those VHS days) it & watched it over & over again & enjoyed every episode as much i did the first time.
may be to those who never got to watch the original (TV series), the movie version is good but nahhhhhhhh...it was ok but lack of originality...

The original Team were absolutely brilliant.
The late George Peppard was Hannibal who always had a plan and only enjoyed himself when there were bullets flying past him and things getting blown up.
Mr T played the grumpy B.A. Baracus whose heart was in the wrong place. He was tough but scared of flying.
Dirk Benedict played Faceman who was the ultimate conman. He could play any part and get anything for the team.
Dwight Schultz played the mad howlin'Murdock who may have been mad but he could certainly be counted on.

of course i understood the part where they had to change the plot
from :being some Vietnam vets,
to: a group of  Iraq war veterans framed for a crime they didn't commit.

or else they'll be too old for the missions now!

The movie version Team?
Liam Neeson was ok as Col.John 'Hanibal' Smith, not bad ~still prefer the late Mr Peppard.
Bradley Cooper was actually great at playing Lt. 'Faceman' Peck. in fact among all the casts he's the best.
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson...hmmm..first & foremost, part of the reason the A- team was popular then was because of BA's bling-blings identity  & even scared of flying he was one tough guy, who loves to use the word Fool a lot...but the remake BA is just too soft & his bling-blings were replaced with a couple of dogtags... wtf??? (or was that Mr T's identity?)
Sharlto Copley as Murdock? another disappointment. he's just not loony enough to play the character.

The really good thing about the A-Team was that it was totally crazy and didn't take itself seriously.
they could do anything. they could evade the US army constantly and they could build anything from scrap.the only thing they couldn't do was shoot anyone-they always missed( not the case in the movie version)! It was all these crazy things that made the A-Team the (TV series)  great.

well i would say good try but not enough ummph!

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