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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

they've figured all out...mana mau lari lagi!?

read about this colon cleansing therapy in the Star newspaper sometime last week & thought it's kinda interesting for all the benefits it has to offer~something like all the points below:-
  • to improve health
  • preventing constipation
  • increased energy levels
  • clearer skin
  • improved concentration
  • better absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods..etc.
so decided to find out more about it & call up the center. the person attending me was helpful enough to explain the what, the where, the when & the how to me, basically almost anything that i needed to know in a summary of one breath. the total cost for the therapy is RM1800 per person for a five day treatment & now that they're having this promotion that if i were to bring another person in, each one of us will only have to pay RM1500 each. considering the benefits that i'll gain from the therapy i thought it's quite reasonable but my BIGGEST consideration is i don't think i'd be comfortable & even down right embarrassing having someone poking my an*s...hmmm...unless it's absolutely die-die punye necessary!

to end the conversation, she said she'll have someone (some sales /promo person) to call me & do a follow up. i said ok but told her that i'll have to consider a few things... more like excuses to get out from the deal lah...hehehe...

so yesterday i received this one phone call which number i did not recognize ( given a strict order that i have to always answer my phone even if i don't feel like to or know the number...hehehe mana tau ade bisness mari kan...) i answered the call reluctantly. & true enough it was from this sales person trying to get me sign up for the therapy.

this is the excerpt from our conversation~my excuses & her clever all figured out answer:
my lame excuse: i work, hard to get 5 days leave.
her clever answer: u can do after work or during weekends.
my lame excuse: i usually finish work late & my weekends are always full with activities &since u do not do the therapy at ur outlet here in Kajang but only at ur main center in Bangsar, it'll be hard for me to go all the way there (i thought this will basically end the conversation but....)
her clever answer: oh, do u know that we provide transportation for our customer in Kajang?
my lame excuse: yeah but it's a five day sessions i have to send & collect my son to & from school.
her clever answer: oh u don't have to do all 5 days straight, u can come anytime to finish of the therapy as long as within 3 weeks.
my lame excuse: oh hmmm...ok...but i'll have to check with my schedule first & get back to u, cos i'm pretty busy at the moment until Raya at least...(excuses & more...;P...apalah yang susah sangat cakap je lah tak nak kan.)
her clever answer: i really want u not to miss our promotion now that if u bring another person along each will only have to pay RM1500 only. u can bring ur husband, ur sister or ur mother to come along with u...
my lame excuse: yeah i know but u know it's kinda hard to get people to agree & do this colon thingy....hehehe..
(i thought she'll stop there but NO..... )
her clever answer: if u really want, i have a group of people coming tomorrow & i can just add ur name in, then u only have to pay RM1500 lorr!!!

erkkkk........they've definitely figured all (the excuses in the world )out!!! & all i can do to dodge the ball is to be going outstation indefinitely!!!!!;P

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