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Monday, October 19, 2009

Deepa Rayear closedopen house...

my 4th brother Pa Uda texted me about 3 weeks ago saying that they'd like to come & beraya @my house on the Deepawali Saturday which was also the last weekend of rayear(17/9) if & only if we didn't have anything on or going anywhere that weekend, he said.

even though i was still not feeling well, i was just so excited about people coming to visit~ so began my frantic mode of spring cleaning the house to make it look more welcoming....that's because we hardly have visitors over since we've moved out from Shah Alam to Semenyih about 3 rayears ago...people always have the feeling that Semenyih is one God forsaken far-far away land that they'd might somehow get lost getting here or eaten alive by some ghoul or something!!!;P

& that saturday alone, almost every few other houses around that housing area were having their open houses including the one next door to ours, only different was our's was a closed private one!;P

menu of the day was as simple as Chicken Rice Sunnystyle & last minute Pasta Bolognese, barley
drink (suppose to be lemon/ lime barley drink but i forgot to cut the lemon & lime...), honey dew for starter, jelly longan for dessert & hazelnut coffee.

Chicken Rice Sunnystyle

sunnystyle ayam belacan

the salad for the chicken rice..

during coffee...

after coffee was paintball sharing session..

utad, my indonesian yamani arab friend who's been like another brother to us

Amalia, utad's wife-my darling pet sis & 'ailya their youngest daughter

& the kids, apart from they managed to unearth all the things that i tried to hide away...

they seemed to enjoy each other's company too.

it was a humble get together & tiring for me definitely but it was fun nonetheless....

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