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Monday, October 26, 2009

Paintball weekend @ Tasik Idaman, Bangi

sunday last, we went paintaballing at Tasik Idaman in Bangi. it's a new little place owned by one of our paintballer friend, Patrick.
during one of the games, since they did not have enough marshalls, mehubby asked me if i'd be the time keeper.
& the result to my yes; a facelift to my left hand!;P

how it looked after the game..
(picture by: Rudy BigMac)

the day after look

now i know how my hands should have looked had they been chubbier compared to my scrawny vein protruding looking hand like the pic below! euwwww.....

how it happend;~
i was stationed at this abandoned house which supposedly named the 'safe house'~ situated in the middle of the battle field where either one of the opposing teams can take claime to the house & proclaimed victory, & i will be the one to comfirm it. only problem was, not everyone knows that i, the time keeper was placed there. so when the game started those who were not aware that i wasn't one of the player started to ramping fire at me from all corners of the world!
one hit my mask & some paint managed to make way through the little air holes into my mouth...it taste.....Yucks! & in order to take cover when more & more palletes came in my way, my head, neck & shoulders, i lifted my hand to cover my masked face hence the result was my left hand! the firing finally stopped when one of our friend realized what happened & escorted me out & i was given some TLC by sue Di & Syafa. thanks dolls!

next time no more marshalling, either i take pictures or i'll be shooting at people too!


  1. Hi

    I came across while searching for paintball places. Would u happen to have any contact number for this place in bangi? My email will be kevinwong87@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance :) since i couldn't find any info for this place and me and my ukm frens would like to go paintballing soo


  2. hi Miux,
    thanks for stopping by, the place is by right not officially opened but this is the number that u can call to find out;- 010-2025877 talk to bobotz.

    have a great time yeah!:D



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