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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twilight the movie vs Twilight the novel...

i watched Twilight the movie by accident with my son Laith ( the ticket for the movie( i don't remember what now) that i was to take him watch was sold out) so we opted to watch Twilight instead. didn't regret the choice at all...& luckily it was rated PG13 for Laith to be able to watch.
of course at first i thought it was about those blood curdling gory type of movie that i don't usual enjoy watching, but surprisingly turn out to be a forbidden romance of two worlds type...i like!!!
somehow the sexy vampire characters in Twilight are more or less similar but a modern version to the Interview with the Vampire movie only of different genre of course. but sexy all the same!!!

ok now the vs part...
i've just finished reading the novel that i bought from the book fair...

surprisingly (unlike all my movies vs the books experieces), the film- the dialogs, the plots though skipped, enhanced, exaggerated or changed a lil here & there...was like watching a summary of the novel. only Bella Swan sounds more adorable in the book then the little annoying Bella Swan in the movie. Edward Cullen...need i say more...the character in the movie fits the novel character perfectly... biased i know... but oh well deal with it! ;p

i have now started on the next series~New Moon, now it makes me curious what's the film would be like...

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