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Saturday, October 17, 2009

life...like a box of chocolate....

ever felt like when something bad happened & not according to ur plan.... that although time & time again u keep reminding urself that it's fated to be this way or that way or whichever way that it decided to come out to be & that even though u cry & cry & somehow managed to cry tears of blood, the outcome still remains the same & finally u resolved to blame something or someone for why the result did not turned out the way it should be or how u wanted it to be.....

i did & still sulking over what happened. i will not reveal what i was hoping to achieve, the unexpected results or whom i've chosen to be the scapegoat here cos it might be case sensitive to myself & to a related some but i just feel the need to express it out, to let it out so that it stops bugging my hormone- loaded system once & for all.

if only ('they'- not necessarily plural)'ll listen to my cry for help during the time i needed the most and not after 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur", i doubt the result' be negative. thank u for ur support, i wonder how u sleep at night knowing what u've done to me resulted in my greatest lost!

mehubby keeps telling me it's blessing in disguise, that something good will come out of it but at the moment all i can think of is: what goes up must come down & what goes around comes around.... ( to whom it may concern: U'll C!)

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