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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breaking Dawn is just heartbreaking....

finished with my Twilight saga marathon finally, officially today! finally...

* thanks to my darling SIL eyna for her generosity in letting me unwrapped & read her still plastic wrapped copy. i love u long time sis, one Bournvile fine dark chocolate for u comin up!

The rational logical part of me say;

A world of make believe, a pure feel good fiction fantasy, there’s not much difference when u read Lord of the Rings, Narnia, inkheart or the like, when u are presented with all kinds of weird characters like the hobbits,the orcs or those graceful looking elves that we are well aware that do not actually exist in the real world, ie our world. So Stephenie Meyers had carelessly left some loopholes here & there that left me feeling like pulling my hair while reading this hopefully her final installments for the twilight saga, created some characters like the warewolves or the shape-shifter as it turn out to be at the later part of the story,

created something like the shark character ( that pledge not to eat fish) in Finding Nemo or the special gifted talent like those characters in the popular Heroes tv series for the vampires but I guess it’s her story, she’s the story teller, she writes what she wants. how she wants it to be.

this part contains spoiler: to those who have not the chance to read & plan to read, please do not read beyond this.

The irrational or illogical part of me say;

Bella just has to be Bella or Queen Bella pre & post vampire life, she just has to be the most extreme~ the klutz of the lot during her mortal life & the most composed newborn vampire ever existed...evryone's impressed~WOW!

Still the ungrateful whiney lil *btutch* character that has ever been created- she just has to find something wrong about her new transformed self somehow!

well, in the world of super lazy, the author just have to do some fast forwarding by making Bella pregnant during their honeymoon (i don't really mind that she married young but how she turned into a nymphomaniac is bizarre~ very unladylike!)

& it only took something like 4 weeks for her to carry the baby inside her- what is she, a vampire rabbit!? (* rabbits only take about 30-33 days to pregnancy, how i know?- i google it!).;P

how in the world did the author came up with the idea that if Bella wants babies ( Bella get's what Bella wants concept) she can actually have it with Jacob. this offer was made by Edward to Jacob as a favour or something~WTF!!!?

the imprinting part between Jacob & Renesmee is just utterly butterly ridiculous, & to imagine that she grows up much faster than any other ordinary human being, that in 6 years she'll be fully grown up....what's next? a love story about the vampire hybrid & Jacob the warewolve/ shape-shifter then?

this is hilarious~ "someone is going to have to provide an index* (*see page 756)"~Jacob's comment when he was surrounded by a company of vampires with various exotic names.

i guess too lazy to rake her ( SMeyer) brain for more drama, Charlie (bella's dad) seems to be able to accept what Jacob is, turn a blind eye on what Edward could be & possibly what Bella has turned herself into, when he was the one who had provided her with a paper spray for safety measure!

& this super confession of undying love~ Bella to Edward: "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you." oh pleaseeeeeeee..............!!!! come on, i'm pretty sure she( the author) can come up with a better line than that!!!!

i'm quite dissapointed with the ending too.... after collecting over a dozen of 'friendly' vampires with various talents & abilities to fight against the voulturi, nothing really happened in the end....except for the execution of Irina...hmmm...who is Irina again???

in general, Breaking Dawn is much more well balanced in terms of the character buildings
, almost every one gets to be in the story compared to the last two series (New Moon & Eclipse).

this is my summary of the 4 books;

4) Breaking Dawn surely broke my heart,
3) Eclipse, Bella character is just unspeakable...
2) New Moon is a drag....too much Jacob, not much Edward.
1) Twilight is definitely the best of the four!

anyway at the end of the day like i said in my rational logical part above, u can either love it or hate it- read it or leave it!!!

i'll watch New Moon & the sequels (the movie) regardless... only because of Edward Cullen, nothing more! ;P

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