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Sunday, November 8, 2009

yellow curry tripe with mango aka masak lemak perut & mangga

it's recipe time!!!

this was my first try at cooking perut ( tripe) ever. mehubby is not a big fan of masak lemak cili api ( yellow curry) but yesterday he asked if i could cook this dish for him~ must be craving or something.... so i tried & even though i used unripened mango instead of belimbing buluh (averrhoa bilimbi) it was a success~ Good Jolly!!

so here's the simple recipe to share;

ingredients: serves 2; 500gm of tripe- get the precooked packet @the supermarket. ( i bought them from Tesco)
3 cups of fresh coconut milk
2-3 pcs of lemongrass
a bit of chili padi ( use more if u like it hot)
1/2 inch of fresh turmeric
1-2 pcs of asam keping/ asam gelugor ( dried slices of ( a kind of) tamarind fruit- only use this if not using mango or belimbing buluh, or else the gravy will be too sour)
a choice of unripened mango, belimbing buluh, or bamboo shoot.
seasoning to taste.

*no onions, garlic or oil needed for this recipe.

to boil: perut/tripe ( but if u get the precooked one, just cut them into small pieces)
to blend: chili padi & turmeric
to cut: lemongrass

mix all the ingredients above in a pot including the tripe & coconut milk & put onto stove & keep stirring until the sauce thickens, add in the unripened mango/belimbing buluh/ bamboo shoot.
served with rice.

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