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Monday, November 2, 2009

Eclipse halloween weekend

i thought what better things to do during one hormone- loaded to the max moment during a Halloween weekend then to read the third installment in the Twilight saga~ Eclipse (borrowed from my darling SIL Eyna)! hmmm....& that's not necessarily a good hmmm...ok, hmmm.....

started reading the 1st few chapters on Friday & i finished the whole book on Sunday at about 3am! ;D
the reason why i can't put the book down was that i just can't wait to get it done & over it mostly because i just can't stand Bella Swan any longer! i guess i just have to lick my words back on my last comment (in my last entry) when i wrote about Bella Swan being reasonably adorable in the book ( Twilight) then in the movie. damn she's just so equally- unbearably- annoyingly whiny ~ bloody self centered & greedy lil *btutch*!!! u know the kinda character that u just wanna grab her out of the book & give her a damn good smacking in the face type? yeah that's exactly what i felt like doing.
wonder what those 2-Edward Cullen & Jacob Black see so special in her now! ;P

the book (Eclipse) in general is much more interesting & happening compared to the 2nd series~NewMoon-
took me almost a week to read that one cos it's such a drag & full of emotions~ but not much actions involved~ boring.... & not much Edward Cullen too, boring!!!!
now i really am wondering what's the movie is gonna be like....hmmm.....

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