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Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday only Mandy

Mandy, my super hairdresser is back!! even though she's only freelancing ( only on Thursday- which is her off day at her current work place) at her friend's hair studio here in Semenyih base on appointments only, i'm happy that she's back! she's been my hairdresser for nearly 8 years, so it's a headache to find a good hairdresser as she is after she left to work in one of the salon in Seri Kembangan about 2 years ago.

the last time she did my hair was last year in December so it's been a year since i had any hair cut until yesterday.

picture courtesy of fawawa- taken last year

it's certainly good to have her back since she's always been very meticulous with her work.
she always makes sure that both she & her customer fully satisfied with the end result.

so yesterday, i thought it was so cute that while blowing my hair she suddenly stopped & was staring into the mirror, thinking that she thought that i thought it was too hot for me, i said " it's ok Mandy, no worries carry on..."
she just then smiled & said..." ahh, i think u look sexy with this hair style..." oops my mistake, she always thought that i look better with long hair, so yesterday she was merely admiring her work on me! hahahaha....xD

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