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Friday, November 6, 2009

what would u do?

what would u do when u thought u heard something really bad happen but u can't be sure cos u didn't see it with ur own eyes!?
this happened to me last weekend when i heard a commotion at the house next door to ours. at first i thought it was mehubby's surround sounds system doing sice he was watching some combat dvd, so i went on doing my chores. then when i went to our bedroom uptairs. i heard more shouting & crying, didn't mean to eavesdropping but it was kinda loud so i figured it wasn't eavesdropping if whoever that made those shouting & crying did not care to conceal.

well what i think happened was that my next door neighbor was not happy with her maid that she took to beating her for some reasons, i could here the "prap pup" sound & the maid started to wail in agony.....
what would u do if u were in my place? i did not know what to do or who to call... would i be one of those nosy interfering neighbour or a concern one if i took action? what's the moral standard to consider? i haven't a clue...

we were never very close to each other, they're only friendly when they wanted to be, or else they just ignore u...but what happened last weekend was not the 1st that i came to hear & i repeat hear cos i won't be able to see & confirm to what happen even if i wanted to since it's just impossible to see what's happening in their own little space next door. what appalled me is that both husband & wife are school teachers, from the pass hearing occasion, that both of them are very short tempered & do not give a 'hoot' if the whole neighborhood were to hear them & even more appalled that the wife is now 7 month pregnant!!! Ouch that won't be good for the baby u ignorant short tempered*btutch*!

anyway back to my moral predicament....i decided that it's none of my business so i went back to continue my chores hoping that their other next door neighbour will do something about it.
yeah one hell of a BIG BOO to me i know but...i seriously did not know what's best to do...do u?

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