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Friday, November 27, 2009

a very quiet Aidil Adha 2009

since we got married, we hardly ever celebrate Aidil Adha, don't know why we just don't. so this year was no difference. in fact i don't even remember what we did last year accept for the fact that mehubby went to Penang for a paintball Command &Conquer (C&C) game during the weekend & only came back on the eve of the eid.
one thing i do remember is, it's been a year since i got that weird phone call from kak Ruby . and what's even stranger is up till now, i 've never bumped into her or heard anything from her ever again...spooky!!!

whatever is, i had a great quiet weekend spent watching DVDs with mehubby & mebaby at home.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


finally got to go watch the much talk about film. i can't really comment cos i didn't get to watch from the beginning since the popcorn queue (had to have them since it's a 2 hrs, 38 mins movie) was unbelievably long, i missed the first couple of scenes which somehow spoiled the mood & that didn't help with having to sit next to a group of noisy annoying young teenage girls that kept on squeaking, screaming, commentating as well as laughing between scenes through out the movie.

the visual effects were exceptionally good almost believable.
although understandably being a Hollywood film, of course most of the main characters survived the most tremendous of disaster one after another, Amazing! ;P

i'm not sure what to make out of the film though, it could probably b'cos of the popcorn or was so annoyingly distracted by the girls next door or maybe, simply maybe i believe that what's going to happen is going to happen, whether life goes on or not beyond 2012, only 4JJI knows. to repent or not to repent that is the question, only we & ourselves to decide....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jambu Susu

my uncle came to my parents yesterday & brought some Jambu Susu over. not sure what it's called in English, but something like Milk Apple (cos it has milky white flash) i think. it's been a long time since i had any of those sourish (mango like) fruit ~ it's rare to find this fruit lately, so i was so happy to get a share on em.

it taste even better with 'colet' ( soy souce, sugar, prawn paste/ otak udang & some chilis) Yummy guaranteed!!!

The BIG BAD Book Sale

i received an email from my aunt about this. didn't care to check the date i thought it has in fact started last week.
managed to get mehubby to bring me to Amcorp mall yesterday coming back from shah alam only to be told it's only starting this coming Thursday the 26th NOvember -2nd December 2009.

well since i was already there, i bought a copy of Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? for only RM17.90 at Book Xcess.
was dying to get more but i'll wait for a better bargain this coming book sale end of this week~this is one wolf that i like!

prektis kahwin!?

Pengacara TV Ditangkap dan Didenda Khalwat

Seorang hos program mistik televisyen yang melarikan diri daripada pegawai penguat kuasa Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) dengan tubuh hanya dibalut kain langsir didenda RM2,700 oleh Mahkamah Rendah Syariah di sini semalam setelah dia mengaku berkhalwat dengan tunangnya, seorang penolong penerbit TV, pada Jun lalu.

Hakim syarie, Ghazali Ahmad turut mengarahkan Hairi Shahrizal Mustafa, 25, dihukum penjara tiga bulan jika gagal membayar denda tersebut.

Tunangnya, Ziffa Zubir, 28, yang juga mengaku salah terhadap pertuduhan serupa turut didenda RM2,700 atau penjara tiga bulan.

Terdahulu, pasangan itu yang hadir di mahkamah bersama ahli keluarga semalam memohon jumlah denda itu dikurangkan selain mendakwa mereka bakal berkahwin dalam masa terdekat.

Ghazali ketika membacakan keputusan itu berkata, tindakan tertuduh itu melarikan diri dengan terjun ke balkoni rumah jiran sebelah adalah tindakan yang berbahaya.

“Nasib baik kamu tidak jatuh, fikir balik kita nak takut dengan siapa, pegawai JAIS cuma tangkap sedangkan benda-benda itu semua Allah telah rekodkan,” katanya sambil menasihatkan pasangan tertuduh itu tidak mengulangi kesilapan dan terus berkahwin jika ada keinginan.

note: dulu2 sebelum bernikah (especially yang pompan, myself included) prektis / belajar masak, menjahit, kemas rumah & perkara2 yang sewaktu dengannye. yang kat atas tu adalah yang dinamakan prektis kahwin di zaman moden, housework semue tolak tepi, itu maid boleh buat! what's more funny is, dengan 4JJi tak tau malu, dengan orang (JAIS) tau pulak malu!

arghhh well... kubur masing- masing, pandai- pandailah jawab!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alarm Clock temporarily off!

yep, end of year school holiday is finally here & i'm giving some time off to all the alarm reminder until next year~ 4th of Jan 2010.

for the time being, NO MORE;
5.28am reminder- that's for my 2 mins snooze before the,
5.30am reminder- time to wakey-wakey,
5.50am reminder- to make sure that i'm up & preparing Laith's pack meal,
6.20am reminder- to wake Laith up,
6.30am to make sure that's he is actually up- No More 2- 5minutes snoozes for him & getting ready for school.

~done with morning reminder~

12pm reminder- is specifically for Sam my nephew- to make sure that jomey gets his butt up to go & fetch him from kindy & if jomey's not around or as usual forgotten about his routine, i'll take care of it.

* this particular one is practically OFF for good, he's going to primary school next year, so will be coming back like the other 2 as below.

130pm reminder- that's for picking up the older boys- Laith & Mike from school @145pm.

NO MORE annoying alarm clock sound for this whole 1 half month to bug me in the morning, Yee HA!

farewell mugs for sam...

it's the last day of kindy year for sam~ my nephew today, eyna asked if i could make some farewell mugs for his teachers at MRC as a parting gift.

so i made him write his teacher's names & the chinese characters 'xie-xie nie' & also' thank you' so that i could scan & design the mug to make it more personalized.
for presentation, i made eyna buy some nice goody bag shaped like a t- shirt for the mugs.

so there the finished product!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

piss off!

some ' junior' people (not necessarily plural) just have some cheeks to think that they could plain sailing into certain things/ situation without having to suffer like us the pioneer had to suffer!! i wish i could name names but i couldn't so i won't.
if they think i would share what i had to endure, what i had to suffer in silent, no one to share with or anyone who'd understand what i had to go thru for the last decade with them so that they could wash their feet, come in & be ushered into the circle without having to dirty their hands, think again!!!! what so special about them that they think they can by pass all those dungs!?

it's a nice cool day today but i'm burning hot just boiling inside ready to bite some heads off~ Piss off u Cow!!!!

p/s: who ever came up with that crappiest crap of the shitiest idea of an induction can shove it all back into ur aRSe backside, cos that's how it looks like & that's where it belongs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

farewell mug for Laith..

initially i made this mug as a sample but since Laith likes it so much, he gave it to his class teacher as a farewell gift. the Chinese characters that he wrote & i scanned says: thank you Chen LauShi/ teacher".

Monday, November 16, 2009

scumbag scam...

experienced this scam first hand together with my workmate Mayam. this video i received thru email brings back unpleasant memory back in 2003~ 09/06/2003 to be exact...how i remember? i still have a copy of a drawing that we did for police report, that's how! :pthis team of 2 or 3 do not look anything like salesmen but they are professional scammers!!! they're really good at distracting ur attention. it was during payday when they came to our office, trying to sell some children's books or something. one distraction leads to another, only when they're gone that we noticed an amount of money's gone including Mayam's hand phone. by the time we managed to pull ourselves together & tried to go after them, it's already too late....
so BEWARE !!!

KO Specialist Medical Center!?

KO as in KnockOut!?

didn't manage a good snap on the way to Shah Alam~( English version).

perfect shot on the way back from Shah Alam~( Malay version).

saw this billboard at the federal highway near Subang Parade yesterday going to my parents house in Shah Alam. i thought, how i wouldn't go to that medical center for whatever reason whatsoever (crossing my fingers while touching some woods) , simply because of it's KO name!!!

according to their facebook account discription;~it is The largest aesthetic centre in Malaysia which provide a one-stop medical aesthetic services including skin treatments, lasers, cosmetic surgeries, reconstruction, face and body contouring, slimming, cosmetic dentistry as well as orthopaedic.

OK, so KO is actually the name of the specialist or the founder of the MC, sorry ahh Dr. KO, still i think the name scares people off! just my 2 cents.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breaking Dawn is just heartbreaking....

finished with my Twilight saga marathon finally, officially today! finally...

* thanks to my darling SIL eyna for her generosity in letting me unwrapped & read her still plastic wrapped copy. i love u long time sis, one Bournvile fine dark chocolate for u comin up!

The rational logical part of me say;

A world of make believe, a pure feel good fiction fantasy, there’s not much difference when u read Lord of the Rings, Narnia, inkheart or the like, when u are presented with all kinds of weird characters like the hobbits,the orcs or those graceful looking elves that we are well aware that do not actually exist in the real world, ie our world. So Stephenie Meyers had carelessly left some loopholes here & there that left me feeling like pulling my hair while reading this hopefully her final installments for the twilight saga, created some characters like the warewolves or the shape-shifter as it turn out to be at the later part of the story,

created something like the shark character ( that pledge not to eat fish) in Finding Nemo or the special gifted talent like those characters in the popular Heroes tv series for the vampires but I guess it’s her story, she’s the story teller, she writes what she wants. how she wants it to be.

this part contains spoiler: to those who have not the chance to read & plan to read, please do not read beyond this.

The irrational or illogical part of me say;

Bella just has to be Bella or Queen Bella pre & post vampire life, she just has to be the most extreme~ the klutz of the lot during her mortal life & the most composed newborn vampire ever existed...evryone's impressed~WOW!

Still the ungrateful whiney lil *btutch* character that has ever been created- she just has to find something wrong about her new transformed self somehow!

well, in the world of super lazy, the author just have to do some fast forwarding by making Bella pregnant during their honeymoon (i don't really mind that she married young but how she turned into a nymphomaniac is bizarre~ very unladylike!)

& it only took something like 4 weeks for her to carry the baby inside her- what is she, a vampire rabbit!? (* rabbits only take about 30-33 days to pregnancy, how i know?- i google it!).;P

how in the world did the author came up with the idea that if Bella wants babies ( Bella get's what Bella wants concept) she can actually have it with Jacob. this offer was made by Edward to Jacob as a favour or something~WTF!!!?

the imprinting part between Jacob & Renesmee is just utterly butterly ridiculous, & to imagine that she grows up much faster than any other ordinary human being, that in 6 years she'll be fully grown up....what's next? a love story about the vampire hybrid & Jacob the warewolve/ shape-shifter then?

this is hilarious~ "someone is going to have to provide an index* (*see page 756)"~Jacob's comment when he was surrounded by a company of vampires with various exotic names.

i guess too lazy to rake her ( SMeyer) brain for more drama, Charlie (bella's dad) seems to be able to accept what Jacob is, turn a blind eye on what Edward could be & possibly what Bella has turned herself into, when he was the one who had provided her with a paper spray for safety measure!

& this super confession of undying love~ Bella to Edward: "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you." oh pleaseeeeeeee..............!!!! come on, i'm pretty sure she( the author) can come up with a better line than that!!!!

i'm quite dissapointed with the ending too.... after collecting over a dozen of 'friendly' vampires with various talents & abilities to fight against the voulturi, nothing really happened in the end....except for the execution of Irina...hmmm...who is Irina again???

in general, Breaking Dawn is much more well balanced in terms of the character buildings
, almost every one gets to be in the story compared to the last two series (New Moon & Eclipse).

this is my summary of the 4 books;

4) Breaking Dawn surely broke my heart,
3) Eclipse, Bella character is just unspeakable...
2) New Moon is a drag....too much Jacob, not much Edward.
1) Twilight is definitely the best of the four!

anyway at the end of the day like i said in my rational logical part above, u can either love it or hate it- read it or leave it!!!

i'll watch New Moon & the sequels (the movie) regardless... only because of Edward Cullen, nothing more! ;P

Sunday, November 8, 2009

yellow curry tripe with mango aka masak lemak perut & mangga

it's recipe time!!!

this was my first try at cooking perut ( tripe) ever. mehubby is not a big fan of masak lemak cili api ( yellow curry) but yesterday he asked if i could cook this dish for him~ must be craving or something.... so i tried & even though i used unripened mango instead of belimbing buluh (averrhoa bilimbi) it was a success~ Good Jolly!!

so here's the simple recipe to share;

ingredients: serves 2; 500gm of tripe- get the precooked packet @the supermarket. ( i bought them from Tesco)
3 cups of fresh coconut milk
2-3 pcs of lemongrass
a bit of chili padi ( use more if u like it hot)
1/2 inch of fresh turmeric
1-2 pcs of asam keping/ asam gelugor ( dried slices of ( a kind of) tamarind fruit- only use this if not using mango or belimbing buluh, or else the gravy will be too sour)
a choice of unripened mango, belimbing buluh, or bamboo shoot.
seasoning to taste.

*no onions, garlic or oil needed for this recipe.

to boil: perut/tripe ( but if u get the precooked one, just cut them into small pieces)
to blend: chili padi & turmeric
to cut: lemongrass

mix all the ingredients above in a pot including the tripe & coconut milk & put onto stove & keep stirring until the sauce thickens, add in the unripened mango/belimbing buluh/ bamboo shoot.
served with rice.

Friday, November 6, 2009

what would u do?

what would u do when u thought u heard something really bad happen but u can't be sure cos u didn't see it with ur own eyes!?
this happened to me last weekend when i heard a commotion at the house next door to ours. at first i thought it was mehubby's surround sounds system doing sice he was watching some combat dvd, so i went on doing my chores. then when i went to our bedroom uptairs. i heard more shouting & crying, didn't mean to eavesdropping but it was kinda loud so i figured it wasn't eavesdropping if whoever that made those shouting & crying did not care to conceal.

well what i think happened was that my next door neighbor was not happy with her maid that she took to beating her for some reasons, i could here the "prap pup" sound & the maid started to wail in agony.....
what would u do if u were in my place? i did not know what to do or who to call... would i be one of those nosy interfering neighbour or a concern one if i took action? what's the moral standard to consider? i haven't a clue...

we were never very close to each other, they're only friendly when they wanted to be, or else they just ignore u...but what happened last weekend was not the 1st that i came to hear & i repeat hear cos i won't be able to see & confirm to what happen even if i wanted to since it's just impossible to see what's happening in their own little space next door. what appalled me is that both husband & wife are school teachers, from the pass hearing occasion, that both of them are very short tempered & do not give a 'hoot' if the whole neighborhood were to hear them & even more appalled that the wife is now 7 month pregnant!!! Ouch that won't be good for the baby u ignorant short tempered*btutch*!

anyway back to my moral predicament....i decided that it's none of my business so i went back to continue my chores hoping that their other next door neighbour will do something about it.
yeah one hell of a BIG BOO to me i know but...i seriously did not know what's best to do...do u?

Thursday only Mandy

Mandy, my super hairdresser is back!! even though she's only freelancing ( only on Thursday- which is her off day at her current work place) at her friend's hair studio here in Semenyih base on appointments only, i'm happy that she's back! she's been my hairdresser for nearly 8 years, so it's a headache to find a good hairdresser as she is after she left to work in one of the salon in Seri Kembangan about 2 years ago.

the last time she did my hair was last year in December so it's been a year since i had any hair cut until yesterday.

picture courtesy of fawawa- taken last year

it's certainly good to have her back since she's always been very meticulous with her work.
she always makes sure that both she & her customer fully satisfied with the end result.

so yesterday, i thought it was so cute that while blowing my hair she suddenly stopped & was staring into the mirror, thinking that she thought that i thought it was too hot for me, i said " it's ok Mandy, no worries carry on..."
she just then smiled & said..." ahh, i think u look sexy with this hair style..." oops my mistake, she always thought that i look better with long hair, so yesterday she was merely admiring her work on me! hahahaha....xD

Michael Jackson's This is IT.

Plot: A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London.

Wow! was the only word that came out of my mouth while watching the movie. mehubby was awfully quiet as though he wished he's one of those watching a live rehearsals instead. in fact the whole theater was quiet come to think of it...& i had goosebumps too!

of course it was kinda strange to be watching a concert rehersal in a movie theater but it's almost like watching his actual concert, he was so dedicated, full of life during the rehearsals. at the age of almost 50 he was so so incredibly fit, his only concern was his voice but never his stamina, he wasn't even panting like most people / perfomers would. it's amazing to see how every single part of his body moves during those rehearsals! & oh his voice....it's like he was lip singing but he certainly did NOT!!!

credits must also be given to the director~Kenny Ortega & the crew members~ the back up singers, the musicians the dancers, the technicians & every single person involved in the production too. they took the opportunity as the selected few who were lucky enough to be working with MJ like they knew there won't be a second chance after that if they didn't! & everyone in the team seems to adore him, that's not so strange either given that he was full of love & generous about it too..

watching him in the so called movie, u'd never guess that's he's gone now. nope, definitely not a sign of stress ( if he did, maybe they just didn't show it, & that, we'll never know) or that he was ready to leave the world or even take his own life. the way i see it, he was so looking forward to the concert, that much is true....Damn those people who played GOD on him!

if his rehearsals was that much intriguing, just imagine the actual concert....
he's certainly the King of Pop & remains a legend....

if u love Michael Jackson, the movie is definitely worth watching, & i certainly don't mind watching it again & again & again..& again....


Monday, November 2, 2009

Eclipse halloween weekend

i thought what better things to do during one hormone- loaded to the max moment during a Halloween weekend then to read the third installment in the Twilight saga~ Eclipse (borrowed from my darling SIL Eyna)! hmmm....& that's not necessarily a good hmmm...ok, hmmm.....

started reading the 1st few chapters on Friday & i finished the whole book on Sunday at about 3am! ;D
the reason why i can't put the book down was that i just can't wait to get it done & over it mostly because i just can't stand Bella Swan any longer! i guess i just have to lick my words back on my last comment (in my last entry) when i wrote about Bella Swan being reasonably adorable in the book ( Twilight) then in the movie. damn she's just so equally- unbearably- annoyingly whiny ~ bloody self centered & greedy lil *btutch*!!! u know the kinda character that u just wanna grab her out of the book & give her a damn good smacking in the face type? yeah that's exactly what i felt like doing.
wonder what those 2-Edward Cullen & Jacob Black see so special in her now! ;P

the book (Eclipse) in general is much more interesting & happening compared to the 2nd series~NewMoon-
took me almost a week to read that one cos it's such a drag & full of emotions~ but not much actions involved~ boring.... & not much Edward Cullen too, boring!!!!
now i really am wondering what's the movie is gonna be like....hmmm.....


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