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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blueberry Cheese tartlets minus the filling..

last sunday, my son laith n i planned to bake some blueberry cheese tartlets together but we ran out of  the cream cheese so off we went to grab some  at the bakery shop. since i was quite in a hurry to get the spring cleaning done before we could proceed with our  baking plan, i grabbed the first 'C' cheese that i saw in the chiller

Laith was all excited about it that he planed  to bring some to school for his teachers and friends to share.
once the pastry was finally in the oven, it's time to make the cheese filling...so out came all the ingredients plus the main ingredients the Cream cheese! while measuring the icing sugar i took a glance at the cheese packaging cos somehow i just realized that it didn't look like the usual Phili cream cheese that we normally use and my heart suddenly stopped beating for a second....yep, instead of 'Cream' cheese, i bought a 'Cheddar'cheese instead!!! oops maBaaad!! :P

it was too late to go out and get the cream chese from the store, so i kept the tartlet shells in a container n stored in the fridge for out next day complete blueberry cheese tartlets attempt....oh btway at this point, laith had refuse to talk to me for the failed mission....

but the sulking only lasted for just a bit cos the next day he was all smile again when we finally managed to finished the job and even baked a second batch.

he brought some to school the next day and proudly told me later that some of his friends want to order some those tartlets from him.  

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