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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to DIY: spray paint (dessert tanned) ur paintball marker.

NOTE: try at ur Own Risk or the Risk of ur Own marker!!! :D

did this quite awhile back for mehubby & i only just remembered to post it today when i scrolled thru the unpublished pictures- to- blog- album. ;p

things needed.

* plastic/ metal primer spray as base

* dessert tanned spray paint (use matte paint- not glossy or reflecting ones), i used KRYLON CAMOUFLAGE~ ultra flat non-reflective nature colour

* gloves
* alcohol
* surgical facemask (to protect from inhaling the horrible smell of paint)
* 80 degree sand paper

* paint thinner or stripper (only for metal parts DO NOT use it on plastic or rubber~it can & will melt the plastic)
* clear coat (can use gloss but a non-shine matte finish will be better)
* various tools to disassemble ur marker.
* old newspaper!!!
* lots of spare time. don't rush the procedure.
* Patience & TLC needed or u'll regret if u mess up one or two steps.

The How to

1) clean paintball marker (with detergent if necessary) to remove dirt

2) clean bare metal parts by rubbing alcohol to remove any oils from ur skin that maybe transmitted to the marker. sand the plastic parts (with the sand paper) so that the primmer & paint will stick.


3) remove & / or tape off / protect parts that u DO NOT want painted.

4) find an open air space put on the glove & surgical facemask & spread some old newspaper

5) spray the 1st layer of plastic/ metal primer coat (hold the spray can about 20-30cm from the paintball
marker& spray evenly in opposite directions~ up- down or left- right)~ leave to dry for about 45 mins.

6) spray the 2nd layer of plastic/ metal primer ~ leave it to dry for another 45 mins.

7) spray the 1st layer of the dessert tanned paint, making sure u've covered all area or it will look uneven. leave to dry for 15 mins if using suggested pain( Krylon) or up to 45 mins if using other type of paints.

8) spray the 2nd layer of paint and leave it to dry.

9) check each painting for runs, drips gaps, or uneven coatings. use a high grit sand paper or sanding sponge to buff out and repaint these areas before moving on to the next step.

NOTE: If u make a mistake~ the only way to fix it is by starting all over again.. by using paint stripper or sand paper the parts.
if u never spray painted before~ u can either get someone to do it (ur more creative & patient other half or u can also engage me to do it for a small fee of course! :P)  for u or practice on something of no value first.

10)  lastly apply clear coat~ several layers will be good....leave to dry & re coat...again n again ( leave to dry each time after u've sprayed the clear coat) until u're fully satisfied. :D

reassemble the parts...& then u're ready for the next game session while gloating with pride to all ur paintball friends about the newly spray painted marker that u urself or ur lovely other half did....:P

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