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Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday #5~ Rainy Days Mary J Blidge feat Ja Rule

feeling a lil under the weather this few days so here's my 'SunnyLovesRain' song ...:D

happy MM all!! :D

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  1. Another good choice this week.
    Happy MM and have a great week ahead! :)

  2. It can't rain everyday, the sun gotta shine sometime too ;p

    I like it. Thanks for sharing it. Happy MM and have a great week Aida :)

    My recent post Bread Anyone?

  3. Again my comment is missing here but since I subscribed to comments I got notification.. could it be my comments went in to spam Sunny?

  4. Thank C.A.T :D

    to Namz: but this particular sun loves the rain...:P

    yeah me too...Thanks Stacy!

    Happy MMto u to DBuz & Star

    Lady J: hmmm..nope i've checked, nothing in spam. u must hve commented in ur dream darling hahaha...thanks for the visit anyway...
    sorry guys i have yet to visit some of u cos i'm not feeling that well this couple of days..will do so in a bit k.

    have a great sunny days to all of u peeps! :D



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