Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to the family, Lil Bunnies!

in conjunction with the Chinese Lunar year this year... meFIL bought 5 bunnies for the boys~ my son Laith, & my nephew~Mike, Sam & Eric to play with..well... more like..for Laith & Mike (the two big monkeys were kind of scared of them!)  to look at...while Sam & Eric (the two smaller monkeys) play with...

WeeKee, Lolo, WiFi. Lily & Comot

 Sam & his Comot.

despite the fact that i hate rats & mouse (mickey including).. i think rabbits are adorable.

oh & we did have a bet among the family on how long would the kids be looking after these lil bunnies...
~either the kids got bored of the bunnies or the bunnies die.:(
most of us are betting on 2 months for either one of the two... hope the bunnies have better luck being their year this year...we'll see...:P


  1. Those are cute bunnies. Your son looks really like them....What's up, Doc?!

  2. Mind blowing picture. I am really surprised to see these nice picture.

  3. C.A.T~ they are aren't they..cute as buttons!!!

    FeelFreeToVisit~ tq, appreciate ur comments.:D


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