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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sorry, the WC's full, just go round the back, sir!

the parking space was full when i took meMIL for her therapy session at a local specialist center in Kajang the other day...so i had to go round the block looking for a tiny space to squeeze in that tiny car of hers.
errr...instead of a parking space i found a rather peculiar thing which amused me to no end...:P
well, the 'thing' is not that strange, it's a normal daily necessity for the male species but to find it at a place where it doesn't belong is rather awkward...

well it isn't pretty but it's sure as h3ll is amusing!


Ewww!!! i know... it's not just a urinal, it's an open space urinal, ladies & gentleman!!
can u see the yellow clinical waste bin there? yeah it's right at the back of the specialist center!

may be they got tired of  people pee'ing' against their wall that they decided to install one at the back of the building.

yep, strange but true.


  1. TY for following will do the same...

  2. LOL. That is a "generous" specialist center. Instead of putting "No Pissing Here" warning, they even give an "accommodation".

  3. Heya Adriana, appreciate that very much..:D

    Hey there C.A.T, i know...it's crazy isn't it..but then again people always come up with all the strangest things ... thanks for ur visit.:D

  4. LMSAO!! That is wayyy too funny, SunnyLove (Imma gonna call you that! Hehe - if that's okay?).

    I don't know.. I can't see anyone errmm... peeing there but men... when they gotta go, they gotta go!

  5. Sure Sweet Bella, I like that :D

    yeah, that actually reminds me of ostrich,they think if they can't see us, we can't see them too...xD



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