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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the Powder Puff Boy adventure..

whenever all his brothers are at school, my cheeky nephew Eric often plays by himself  nearby Tanter Mimi, Tanter Mis or even Tok Lat at the kitchen, the dining hall etc...or watches all the classic P.Ramlee movies with my MIL in her bedroom. and...whenever he goes missing & goes really, really, suspiciously QuiEt...seriously... one has to quickly go check up on him... :p

cos more then often, the discovery isn't that pretty!

...& This is one of it...

BOO!!! so this is what u've been up to hey!?

upon further investigation...we found this...trying to find out the weigh of the powder, did he?

 disposing of evidence...thinking that  no one would look & found out...:P

hiding behind Tanter Mis when he was discovered & scolded for the mess.

the punishment: clean up ur own mess Mister!

Point to Note: always beware of a suddenly missing creative child! (s)he could be up to anything / something unthinkably creative & sometimes inventive!:P


  1. LOL. This is exactly what my two nephews love to do. They do it and scream "Snow! Snow!" while in fact we are living in a tropical country. LOL.

  2. hahaha...i guess that's the reason why they invented their own snow. so instead of snow angel they have powder angel instead...xD



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