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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just A thought...when shit happens!

this was inspired during reminiscing what last year (2010) meant to me & suddenly it smack me hard on the face...
so here is just a thought to share...

when we made mistakes
we say: Oh well i'm only human, shit happens,  i'm not perfect..
when others made mistakes
we say n we ask: u're such a clutz, what were u thinking? 
when we did something right
we say: it's brilliant isn't it, it's totally my idea..
when others did something good
we say: it's pretty good but i could have done better...

sometimes when bad things befallen us
we ask God why
when bad things befallen others
we say: thank God, it's not me
when good things happened to us
we clap, we cheer, we cry, we hug , we jump for joy
but where are the praises for the Lord?
absent- mindedly we forgot to say: thank u God
when something good happened to others
we start asking again: oh Lord, why them, why not me? 

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the moral of the story is: be grateful and always count on ur blessings...


  1. hmmm.. yeah really good point here. it's so easy for us to pass on judgment to other people, but when it is us who are judged, it seems like a big pain in the ass and just so hard to accept--talk about pride hehe take care!!! :-)

  2. yeah...it's simply easier to judge then to be judged...:D



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