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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bali: the Ocean Walk

i was meant to write about this long time ago (like immediately after we came back from ali 6 months ago~that long time ago...damn! & i still miss Bali...& that was part of the reason why i have been delaying the post ) but never get around (this is just the excuse)  to it until i saw one of meBIL's Storm trooper ~star wars' helmet collection that it remands me to write this post.....;P

this was probably as close as we could get at diving i suppose... although there wasn't much to see..the corals were dead (u'll see in the pics below) & the fishes were either on holiday themselves or they were on strike...cos there were not that many around....we were seriously sad that there were not many to see..& sad that the underwater fauna & flora is practically dead on that part of the ocean

 so here are the underwater version storm trooper pics that the guide help us snapped....

what we had on our hands were bread for the fish..

what actual hold us down in the water were ankle weights
what's the cost per head: between-Rp350,000.00-Rp500,000.00

how long were we underwater? about 15-20 minutes i think.

please be cautious: one could feel a lil bit dizzy after resurfacing because of the underwater pressure.  

i'm not sure if  i've ever heard of ocean walk before or if there are any other places that offer this activity other then here in Bali.

well, it was a good experience & a memorable one for us but it could of course have been better if the coral weren't dead & more fishes around to look at.

hmmm...  i still think i owe a few more posts on Bali n promise to write about them as n when something else reminds me of those overdue posts ...later...one day...maybe...:P 

Happy Weekend All!



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