Friday, January 7, 2011


often whenever i receive anonymous text messages on my cell i would often ignore it n automatically press the delete button but there are some that i kept just becouse they crack me up whenever i need cheering up...;P

when i received this particular one yesterday, i can't help feeling a lil bit adventurous...well playful is a better word  for it really...

msg received from unknown number;

jmput mkn free mihun sup, laksa, cendul di mo'men Sabru 8.1, 12tgh-7pm.  Ajaklah kawan2 sramai mungkin. tlg sebarkan. Dtk Shafie.

(some anonymous (by some political people- i assume) invitations to some anonymous political  baits gathering ( again i assume- cos political parties on this side of the world love baiting people & their votes with free food at some events of some sort for some reasons) on saturday 8/1/2011)

6 Jan.2011 15:56

my playful (though a bit rude , i know) reply was  :
WhoTF is Dtk Shafie?

6jan.2011 16:04

n came the reply:

we were like (mehubby n i):  Huh WTF!?? bwahahahahahahaha.......xD

yes, i know it's bad but i van't help it...;P

 have a great weekend all!

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