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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cheerio June, hello July!

there goes another month of this year & here comes the poket koyak month of all the months of the year!
this July,~ not just birthdays, but weddings too! well last year i did say i wanted to just pack up and leave for a holiday...guess this year that is exactly what mehubby n i will be doing...oh yes Bali...me is so going to Bali...and the countdown begins....6 more days to go yo!!!

monkey kitty!

i'm not a cat person. i only like cats when they are lil kittens from about few weeks up to about 3 months old max. cos that's the only period of time that i think they're at their cutest. consider this as my rare post (about cats).

just something to share cos this lil kitty suffers from identity crisis (s)he thinks that (s)he 's a monkey! xD
 i'll post the edited video version once it's ready.

mabuk toddy verson 2

for mabuk toddy version1 refer here.

for some unthinkable reason i found myself once again for the 2nd time this year feeling all lightheaded, dizzy & can hardly walk when i tried to wake up that Thursday morning to prepare Laith for school. so that whole day i spent all day in bed & so was Friday. when mehubby checked my blood pressure using Me FIL's home blood pressure monitor machine, my pressure was 85/60 which was low.

i did some research online & found out that all the symptoms that i've been experiencing is indeed of low blood pressure. since this whatever illness that i have could lead to all kind of other illnesses like heart disease, kidney problem, stroke & etc... dengan sepantas kilat asked mehubby to go buy me some durians to get my bp shoot back up again! well it works..(apart from forcing myself down those kopi hitam kampung) it has to work & i will make it work for whatever it takes cos i'm so going to Bali next week! ;P

they've figured all out...mana mau lari lagi!?

read about this colon cleansing therapy in the Star newspaper sometime last week & thought it's kinda interesting for all the benefits it has to offer~something like all the points below:-
  • to improve health
  • preventing constipation
  • increased energy levels
  • clearer skin
  • improved concentration
  • better absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods..etc.
so decided to find out more about it & call up the center. the person attending me was helpful enough to explain the what, the where, the when & the how to me, basically almost anything that i needed to know in a summary of one breath. the total cost for the therapy is RM1800 per person for a five day treatment & now that they're having this promotion that if i were to bring another person in, each one of us will only have to pay RM1500 each. considering the benefits that i'll gain from the therapy i thought it's quite reasonable but my BIGGEST consideration is i don't think i'd be comfortable & even down right embarrassing having someone poking my an*s...hmmm...unless it's absolutely die-die punye necessary!

to end the conversation, she said she'll have someone (some sales /promo person) to call me & do a follow up. i said ok but told her that i'll have to consider a few things... more like excuses to get out from the deal lah...hehehe...

so yesterday i received this one phone call which number i did not recognize ( given a strict order that i have to always answer my phone even if i don't feel like to or know the number...hehehe mana tau ade bisness mari kan...) i answered the call reluctantly. & true enough it was from this sales person trying to get me sign up for the therapy.

this is the excerpt from our conversation~my excuses & her clever all figured out answer:
my lame excuse: i work, hard to get 5 days leave.
her clever answer: u can do after work or during weekends.
my lame excuse: i usually finish work late & my weekends are always full with activities &since u do not do the therapy at ur outlet here in Kajang but only at ur main center in Bangsar, it'll be hard for me to go all the way there (i thought this will basically end the conversation but....)
her clever answer: oh, do u know that we provide transportation for our customer in Kajang?
my lame excuse: yeah but it's a five day sessions i have to send & collect my son to & from school.
her clever answer: oh u don't have to do all 5 days straight, u can come anytime to finish of the therapy as long as within 3 weeks.
my lame excuse: oh hmmm...ok...but i'll have to check with my schedule first & get back to u, cos i'm pretty busy at the moment until Raya at least...(excuses & more...;P...apalah yang susah sangat cakap je lah tak nak kan.)
her clever answer: i really want u not to miss our promotion now that if u bring another person along each will only have to pay RM1500 only. u can bring ur husband, ur sister or ur mother to come along with u...
my lame excuse: yeah i know but u know it's kinda hard to get people to agree & do this colon thingy....hehehe..
(i thought she'll stop there but NO..... )
her clever answer: if u really want, i have a group of people coming tomorrow & i can just add ur name in, then u only have to pay RM1500 lorr!!!

erkkkk........they've definitely figured all (the excuses in the world )out!!! & all i can do to dodge the ball is to be going outstation indefinitely!!!!!;P

Thursday, June 24, 2010


image found here
Arghhhhhhhh~ i feel so bad!!!how i wish i  could have that Prince of Persia's dagger for just a bit now so that i could turn back the time to where & when the nego took place!!! sorry may may, it was utterly butterly bad judgment on my part.  from the very bottom of my heart....i sincerely apologized.:'(

Monday, June 21, 2010

The A- Team

i've always been very skeptical about the movie when i first heard about it being made. got to watch it last week, well i guest i've been right! being the TV series fan in the 80's( i was about  8-9 yo then), i've video taped (during those VHS days) it & watched it over & over again & enjoyed every episode as much i did the first time.
may be to those who never got to watch the original (TV series), the movie version is good but nahhhhhhhh...it was ok but lack of originality...

The original Team were absolutely brilliant.
The late George Peppard was Hannibal who always had a plan and only enjoyed himself when there were bullets flying past him and things getting blown up.
Mr T played the grumpy B.A. Baracus whose heart was in the wrong place. He was tough but scared of flying.
Dirk Benedict played Faceman who was the ultimate conman. He could play any part and get anything for the team.
Dwight Schultz played the mad howlin'Murdock who may have been mad but he could certainly be counted on.

of course i understood the part where they had to change the plot
from :being some Vietnam vets,
to: a group of  Iraq war veterans framed for a crime they didn't commit.

or else they'll be too old for the missions now!

The movie version Team?
Liam Neeson was ok as Col.John 'Hanibal' Smith, not bad ~still prefer the late Mr Peppard.
Bradley Cooper was actually great at playing Lt. 'Faceman' Peck. in fact among all the casts he's the best.
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson...hmmm..first & foremost, part of the reason the A- team was popular then was because of BA's bling-blings identity  & even scared of flying he was one tough guy, who loves to use the word Fool a lot...but the remake BA is just too soft & his bling-blings were replaced with a couple of dogtags... wtf??? (or was that Mr T's identity?)
Sharlto Copley as Murdock? another disappointment. he's just not loony enough to play the character.

The really good thing about the A-Team was that it was totally crazy and didn't take itself seriously.
they could do anything. they could evade the US army constantly and they could build anything from scrap.the only thing they couldn't do was shoot anyone-they always missed( not the case in the movie version)! It was all these crazy things that made the A-Team the (TV series)  great.

well i would say good try but not enough ummph!

FlashForward Marahton

was hooked on the box the whole day yesterday watching FlashForward the latest TV series (in Malaysia) on Fox channel back to back (22) episodes from around 10am -10pm!

the synopsis:
A mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for 137 seconds, during which people see what appear to be visions of their lives approximately six months in the future—a global “flashforward”. A team of Los Angeles FBI agents, led by Stanford Wedeck (Vance) and spearheaded by Mark Benford (Fiennes) and his partner Demetri Noh (Cho), begin the process of determining what happened, why, and whether it will happen again. Benford contributes a unique perspective on the investigation; in his flashforward, he saw the results of six months of investigation that he had done on the flashforward event, and he and his team use those clues to recreate the investigation.
The team investigates a number of events related to the flashforward, including "Suspect Zero", who did not lose consciousness during the event because of a Quantum entanglement device (QED), the sinister "D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost", and a similar mass loss of consciousness in Somalia in 1991. Meanwhile, personal revelations contained within the flashforwards occupy the personal lives of the principal characters. Mark Benford sees himself relapsing into alcoholism; his wife sees herself with another man; Demetri Noh sees nothing, which could mean that he will not be alive to see the day everyone else has glimpsed or, perhaps, that his future wasn't set on the day of the flashforward. Other characters grapple with similarly unexpected or surprising revelations in their flashforwards.

*sigh* can't wait for season two now!

back to school alarm clock

the school holiday is finally over for the alarm clock~ it's back to work now u lazy bum! :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

lagi kisah & gambar orng tak ber- dot-dot-dot...

this happened at the Gardens, MidValley City  premiere parking area last week, kete itam tu sukati mak ayah de je park kat handicapped parking area when we arrived.
 kete itam ni tak nampak sign tu sebab kete de tinted abis punye pasallah agaknye...

as we were leaving the mall about 4 hours later... this white car plak dengan cacatnye mengepark kete de kat slot yang sebelah tu plak~
sah2lah ini adalah masalah orang cacat mata...dorng tak nampak sign kat belakang tu kot,  tapi kete putih tu siap reverse parked lagi, maknanye de boleh nampaklah~otak letak kat lutut punye olang!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kembalinye ke Rahmantullah~ Burhanuddin Bustami @ ChuBob.

just as we were about to go out for dinner yesterday evening, we received a phone call informing us that my cousin's hubby~Burhanuddin Bustami or ChuBob as i called him had just passed away at his house in Taman Maluri due to  a heart attack. We were so shocked to hear about the news that neither of us just refuse to talk on the way to his place.
he was only 40 this year, leaving behind a wife ~K. An & two beautiful young daughters~ Irdina Marini  8 years old & Idania Farisha 2 years old.
To my cousin K. An~Be strong cuz, Allah knows best & be Strong for ur daughters too cos they need u more now then ever. 

Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat ke atas rohnye...Amiin.

Kali Terakhir Kulihat Wajahmu by Uji Rashid

Sunday, June 13, 2010

are u Malay or Indian girl?

masa gi hantar Tok Lat pegi physio therapy aritu at Hospital Kajang, after i finally managed to find a parking space i bumped into this one security guard. He casually greeted me "Hi, Good Morning...." sebagai orang Meysia yang berbudi bahasa tak leh dijual beli i greeted him back.  he then asked " are u Malay or Indian girl?" i simply replied "Malay." he then said "U look mix ah"...hahahahaha.... between Malay & Indian suddenly i look mixed or he must have thought i'm Chindian for some reason...but i thought...who cares "i'm 1Malaysian!".:D

Friday, June 11, 2010

FIFA world cup 2010~South Africa

it's finally here...to all the football fans enjoy!!
to all the WAGs~ (wives & girlfriends) if u can't beat them join them...or just simply go shopping or head to the Spa...cos no matter how much nagging or whining u do, u'd never be heard!;P
after all it's only once in 4 years...for just a month. no big deal....let them have their fun...life is just too short t.o be fighting over that round thing they call football! ;D
 to England & Holland...Best of Luck!


sedang recuperating from a post Spa treatment from yesterday. mana tah the suppose rejuvenated feeling after a Spa session pun tak tau. all i'm feeling right now is severe lethargic, sore neck, back ache & sakit ati (that i actually let another woman touch mehubby!! :(  bitch!!!)...after paying so much ~ damn!  baik duit tu buat gi shopping...sure puas hati lagi....:( :(
 JojoBa Spa @ Berjaya Times Square
this is the package that we initially bought for me PIL's as their wedding anniversary gift.
JoJoBa Royal         (135 mins)       RM360+ per person
Bird Nest Scrub – Lavender Body Shower – Aromatic Mineral Salt + Jacuzzi – Ear Candle Treatment – Aromatherapy Massage – Aroma Eye Pillow Treatment –Bird Nest Soup
Effect: Enhances skin suppleness and cell activation. for whatever that  means!

ever since we got married for nearly 11 years now, mehubby always kinda persuaded me to go Spa 'ing with him but the idea of another woman touching skin to skin, caressing & kneading him is just too much for me to endure...  err  frankly speaking ...that's because i'm a jealous pot full stop!
the Green eyed monster me..no denying it.

However in a turn of event, the anniversary voucher gift for mePIL backfired when meMIL had a knee injury and had to go for physio teraphy treatment instead of spa & on top of that she’s not into that kind of thing too. So they decided to return the voucher to us as an advance bday gift to mehubby instead! Excellent just what i needed!!!:(

So there i was
contemplating &halfheartedly agreed to arrange for the appointment for the both of us so that the voucher would not go to waste &  for a male therapist for mehubby but only to be told that they don’t have any... hmmm...Superb! So like it or not grudgingly i set for an appointment n try as hard as i can to be cool about it. which was definitely super hard to do.*sigh*

Hmmm....just as i fear, i got a bibik type of therapist & mehubby got himself a lil petite girl therapist of whom i felt like Fiona the ogre princess from far far away land standing next to, b!t@h!!! We were ushered into a room (called Kuala lumpur) with a partition in between the 2 therapy beds!
***I seriously felt just the way i did during a golf match at KKB when a bear of a woman stole mehubby away from me so that she could bloody be mehubby’s golf partner at the time, kurang ajar punye beruang bitch!!

What made it worse was we were given a disposable thong  & brief for the session...hmmm not good! I must be crazy to actually go thru that whole lot of shit!  i just couldnt relax throughout the session, i know i was being selfish n all but i’m sorry i jus can’t help it, i kept wondering what the hell is happening on the other side of that partition!!!!

This basically what the package is all about. 
After wearing the damn disposable undies, we were asked to lie on the sauna therapy bed & covered. bird nest scrub was then applied all over the body...thank god for the man they stop at about a palm and half away from the private area... which i was somehome relieve to see. Then we were asked to shower & jumped into the jacuzzi for about 15 mins. I was sweating while in there...good thing i wasn’t planning to get pregnant or mybaby would be turned into a hardboiled egg no doubt! We then showered again changed into a fresh pair of disposable undies & given some passion fruit drink & asked to lie down on the side for the ear candle treatment. while at the same time the therapist started to massage the neck & shoulders area.
 this is when i got to peek thru the partition to see what's happening on the other side!! ;P
this is during the aroma eye pillow treatment  which was nice though 
(pictures courtesy of JojoBa Spa Website)
well to cut the story short, (during the grueling aromatherapy massage) i was not able to enjoy the treatment wholly simply because i was just busy thinking & wondering what's happening over the other side of the partition! *sigh*
may be for those liberal minded couple it'd be enjoyable but being what i am...hmmm....

anyway nilah yg orng kata: tak dak sakit cari penyakit cos after the treatment we were both feeling a bit bitten up & lembik all over. we both have sore neck & sakit belakang. mehubby said he did not quite enjoy the treatment himself. thought we paid them money to inflict sakit & that i massage lagi best but oh well tak taulah probably just to cover line kot.
oh & to make myself felt  better i actually gave mehubby a foot rub just so that he remembers that i was the last person to touch him before going to bed that night, TQ. ;P

hmmm...what would we do to the 2 spa packages that we have for the upcoming Bali trip ni!!??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prince of Persia~the sands of time.

managed to to go watch the movie  with mehubby, meFIL & the kids last wednesday.
my review on the movie basically is this: after all the excitements, the battle & the adrenalin rush and all..the Prince basically syok sendiri...is as if he was just daydreaming cos no one knew anything about it or what actually happened or have the slightest feeling of rendezvous..sadly, even the princess as the dagger's guardian as she claimed to be has not the slightest recognition of the prince who was the hero/ saviour of the story! the movie in general was not bad but definitely not the storyline.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

waiyaiya song @ gave it all away by boyzone

something i enjoy listening to recently...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

time off!

yep school holiday has just started & that means the alarm clock can have it's time off too, Yeeha!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

masalah orng yg tak ber......

ingatkan orang kat maysia ni dah bertamadun...rope-ropenye...hampeh...buat malu wanmaysia je!!!
sila teka apakah  benda bulat berbungkus putih dalam gambar2 berikut sebelum di enlargekan...?

samdot no 1)
ya kawan2, itulah namenye diapers ataupun lampin pakai buang terpakai yang dicampak buang di merata rata sekelilng swimming pool Serai D Lanjut Beach & Golf Resort, Rompin, Pahang hari sabtu lepas. i saw three different types of diapers di perimeter yg sama pada waktu yg sama ...apalah salahnye kalau mereka2 yang terlibat tu carilah tong sampah walaupun jauh demi menjaga kebersihan alam sekeliling....susah sangt ke? 
agaknye suka ke dorng kalu orng buang diapers merata rata kat sekeliling kawasan rumah dorang???

Pictures taken at Swiiming pool Serai D Lanjut Beach & Golf  Resort on the 29th May 2010. 

samdot no 2)
ni lah namanye cacat akal!!! manalah perginye otak dorng ni seme pun tak tawulah........ *sigh* :(

pictures taken @KFC Semenyih- Sunday 30th May 2010.

malas nak tulis dah...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

brandy - Sitting Up In My Room

found this song finally...it brings back lots of memories....<3

lupa baca Bismillah....

while tying his shoelaces yesterday morning masa nak pergi sekolah,
Laith said to me "Semalam kan Umy masa tengah buat exam kan, Nonat lupa nak baca Bismillah!" & before i could say anything he continued "so Nonat padam semua jawapan, baca Bismillah lepas tu  buat semula!"


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