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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Earth Hour Countdown Widget

Hello People!!
yeah, yeah...i know...u miss me...& i miss my blog too *wink*
been ages since i updated this lil space...well uhmmm...apart from i wasn't feeling very well i was just simply....plain lazy...that's the truth. just so much to update, i got greedy ...wanted to write all but not sure which to start off first..in the end i just didn't write any...:P
yeah come to think about it, this is my very 1st post for this month...*Clap-clap-clap* ;D

Tq, Tq..calm down...enough with the clapping already!!! :D

here, today....i want to share a lil something that i have been looking (very hard ;P) online the last couple of days but not sure what's the correct term for it until finally...see the Earth Hour Countdown counter that i just placed on the right panel? that was what i was looking for...

i almost resorted on doing my own countdown counter here, then i found this site put it up, it was ok but didn't really like it but thought it's better then nothing. just when i was about to log out i found exactly what i was looking for like the one on top, here.

we have been trying to do our part at going green every opportunity (recycling glass/ plastic bottles / can/ paper) we can. we are also a member & monthly (albeit small) contributor to WWF. we have also participated in earth hour for the last 2 years & actually left us feeling quite good about it...for some divine reasons...:P

 pic found here..

so this is my part of spreading the love for the earth for our future generations...take part in Earth Hour 2011 on the 26th March 2011...from 8:30-9:30pm...for just ONE hour, & for only once a year~ switch the lights OFF!!! that is nothing compared to the billion of hours that we, our children, our children's children, our children's children's children.... well u get the idea...oh provided that we've survived '2012' that is :P

Earth Hour 26 March 2011  

Support Earth Hour 2011

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