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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

the last 2 years, we celebrated earth hour having bbq with family & friends. this year, we decided against it but to do 'solat hajat' instead for Dhaniah...that did not happen however until the next day cos the 'orang surau' were not available on earth hour day.

so we participated quietly at home~ just the 3 of us by lighting up lots of candles around the house. we switched of all the lights including the refrigerator!! oh well for an hour, why not~ save the earth, save the electricity bill! :P

each candles were lighted up with the lil pink mermaid~ Dhaniah in mind as well as the people effected by the tsunami in Japan.

i can't help being a lil nosy though since this is our first time celebrating earth hour at home,(while mehubby was busy playing soldier with his full combat paintball gear with Laith CQB style in the dark) i actually went out looking at how many of my neighbors observed the one hour lights off...sad to say,  almost none! both my immediate (right & left) neighbors had their porch, living rooms & rooms lights on, so were my other neighbours few doors away... my immediate back door neighbors also had their kitchen lights on....ignorant is bliss~ curiosity kills the cat! *____*

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