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Thursday, March 10, 2011

ever heard of the alarm clock?

some people...
they're late for everything...
everything means...literally every time for everything!
not just once but every time...
from the moment they open their eyes in the morning...
to the moment they close their eyes to sleep at nite.
they're late for business appointments,
meeting & gathering with family & friends...
for all occasions...

if not for some constant urging & reminder from others
they'd even be late for their own wedding!
ironically, they'll always the 1st to show up for movie outing!
oh wait, why?
because they organize it &
got piss off when other people were late...

if they're in the army...
oh wait... urhhm.. sorry...NOT IN
they' can't be IN the army...
'know why?
cos...they'll be kick out before they're even managed the 1st interview...
'know why?
they were late for that interview!!!

it's just a common courtesy...
if u're gonna be late, please say so, let the others know that u're late.
if not,
make an effort with all the trendiest gadgets in the world...
lately, phone and time go hand in hand...if u suck at looking at it or reading it,
put the alarm on
put the reminder on.
get the person u're meeting with give u a wake up call..

leave half an hour early rather then half an hour late.
don't make others wait for u
it gives bad reputation on urself
& bad sourish taste in the mouth & a few more wrinkles on the face of others!
seriously...don't think of only ur  own beauty sleep, think of other people's too!

People say: "Always late but Worth the wait"
but not for inconsiderate people like these...^

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